Quick and Easy DIY Wall Art Project

Hi there! I was on a roll with my home office makeover, but got sidetracked with the busy Spring season. It’s about 80% there but I need to find a few more minutes to knock it out and take pictures. In the meantime, I have a quick and easy DIY wall art project to share. This was so simple and super cute!


MATERIALS: All I needed was * a piece of cardstock * floral embellishments * a printer * scissors * glue * picture frame.
I had a light grey sheet of cardstock on hand that worked perfectly!! Since my photo box had a white matte, I wanted the paper to be a different shade.
I selected the phrase “just breathe” for a couple of different reasons. I spend A LOT of time at my desk and sometimes get a little stressed about work and it’s nice to look up and find inspiration. I thought “just breathe” would be a good reminder to keep it all in perspective. Also, I am passionate about yoga and breathing is a big part of the practice so it’s has that added meaning.

The floral embellishments I picked up from the clearance rack at Michaels. I think they add a nice touch of color, texture and dimension! I included an image in case you wanted a copy. I printed the words on a 8×11 sheet of cardstock and made sure to leave enough room for the flowers.
Just Breathe

If you are interested in creating it yourself. The “JUST” font is Myriad Pro Light Cond at 125 pt and “Breathe” is Snell Roundhand at 100pt. I used a dark grey color font.
Hope you enjoy!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know what fun projects you have been working on this spring! Feel free to leave links to pictures or posts in the comments.

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