Splashing in the Rain

My house is a mess, we have no groceries, I haven’t worked out in weeks and my to-do list is forever long but I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I have a backlog of ideas for posts I hope to catch up on soon, but for now…it’s just the kids and my camera.

It was a normal but busy Wednesday. We just got home, the kids were running in different directions and I was trying to start dinner. Then out of nowhere is starts to pour rain with two of my kids outside! I ran to get Lily because she was in a neighbor’s backyard (I assumed the 13 year old could make it in on his own). She was soaking wet and I thought she would be scared but instead she ran right past me to change and get her rain boots on. Townes was quick to follow. I thought about trying to stop them as to not interrupt of evening routine but thought what the heck and grabbed the camera and joined them.

It’s been a LONG time since I used my camera so I had to play with the settings A LOT and some of the pictures are off.

Once the rain subsided, Townes found a ‘waterfall’ under a gutter that needs to be replaced desperately (adding to my list now).

Then Lily came over to join him. They can be two peas in a pod!


Lily liked the water falling on her head. Before coming back in, they found one last mud puddle to enjoy!

Of course, Jacob played basketball the whole time.

The brief rain set our evening routines back 30 minutes so the kids got to bed a little late but I’m glad to have a few minutes of fun with them splashing in the rain. Well worth it! Happy Hump Day!

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