Lily’s 4th Birthday Bash – A Princess Birthday Party

Lily celebrated her birthday at the end of July. Yes, I know that was two months ago but I was home with the kids all of August and I’ve been a horrible time manager since. Anyway, she has known for quite some time that she wanted a princess birthday party. We discussed a princess and pirates party, a princess and knight party but she said it needed to be a princess and army men party because there aren’t any pirates or knights anymore. :)


The color scheme started subconsciously with this Tiny Prints invitation.

I thought they were cute and I didn’t feel up to making another set of invitations so this was a quick and easy purchase. I held them in my basket for a couple of days as I thought about it and Tiny Prints sent me a coupon to encourage me to finish my purchase – done! I’m a sucker for a coupon.

Princess Party Decorations:

Sticking with the pink, mint and gold color scheme, I was able to re-use the paper lanterns that were in her bedroom (which is currently being redone AGAIN).


I also reused her scrap fabric chandelier.


Then made this circle punch garland similar to what we did for her Sesame Street party. My sister was in town visiting and she helped me with this tassel garland (using this tutorial). That was pretty much the extent of the decorations.


Princess Party Food:

Since the party was from 3-5 we provided light snacks (fruit tray, veggie platter, chips and dips and this simple and sweet princess jewel chex snack. They would have looked adorable in treat cups but I simply ran out of time (and money). ;)


The Cake

DSC_0420 DSC_0468

The cake was from a local bakery Juanita’s Bakery. She was great to work with. I took her a few pictures I pinned but what I wanted would have been the price of a wedding cake so this was her affordable adaptation.

And Pinkalicious Punch (after one of her favorite books) served in mason jars with these cute daisy lids from TomKat Studio.

DSC_0579 DSC_0572-001 DSC_0567-001

The twisty lollipops were a bargain $4.99 for 20 from Party City!! That beat the price anywhere else I looked by far!

We had another bounce house water slide. Townes even participated – kind of.

DSC_0483 DSC_0484

Eventually we all went down the slide. [Thanks Mel for the picture]

Then there was the pinata…
DSC_0441 DSC_0446 DSC_0459 DSC_0432 DSC_0495

Party Favors


At Lily’s request we gave away light up princess wands and swords. In addition, the girls received a few pieces of jewelry and the boys bouncy balls and pirate patches.


A little about my princess…

  • She is incredibly smart and blows me away daily with the things she knows…”mom, is 4+4+4 12?” Really? She also recognizes and writes the alphabet.
  • She is all girlie girl! She will only wear a dress, skirt or leggings with a dress or skirt because “princesses don’t wear shorts” she tells me.
  • She loves to be a mommy to her baby brother (and her big brother for that matter).

  • She loves to cuddle and sneak into our bed now that we have a memory foam mattress and don’t realize she is there until the morning.
  • She is a night owl. This little girl would never sleep if we didn’t make her. She is usually still awake in her bed when we are going to bed at 10 or 11 o’clock at night. I swear she is waiting for us to go to sleep so she can sneak in our room.
  • She loves night time stories. She has all her books memorized so now she likes us to make up stories (her dad is much better at this than me).
  • She sleeps with no less than 4 dolls or stuffed animals every night.
  • She LOVES to hear stories about when she was little even if it was just last year. (She doesn’t have much of a memory before the age of 3 anymore.) It’s sad how that goes away so quickly.
  • She still loves nail polish but now in colorful patterns and she still has a strong affection for tattoos (you can always spot 3-4 on her at a time especially now that she knows how to put them on herself).
  • She has yet to have a haircut and now says she never will because she wants her hair to be as long as Rapunzel’s (She finally saw that movie this year).
  • Lastly, she has a boy guinea pig that she has convinced us all is a girl (poor Guinea). Thankfully she changed it’s name from Samantha to Guinea so I can play along a little better now.


Happy Birthday My Sweet Thing! We LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

DSC_0513-001 Don’t ever change who you are!

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