A Dress for Lily

The excitement of my new sewing machine got the best of me and I tried a few more challenging projects this weekend.

My dear 80 year old neighbor gave me a ton of fabric, thread and bias tape (which I knew nothing about) to experiment with. The first dress was a free pattern I found online, but it was for a 11 pound baby ~ Lily is 21 pounds. I attempted to modify it to fit Lily but I quickly realized I know nothing about sewing. While the first dress turned out better than I expected, I pulled the darn bias tape out at least 3 times and the dress doesn’t really fit Lily. See for yourself.

The second dress was a little easier (with the exception of sewing the armholes). However, it was a pretty plain dress so I tried a few embellishments.

Dress 2 in the making - trying to decide what to add

Almost final dress

I plan to change out the straps with a thicker 1/2 inch satin ribbon.

And finally a few pictures of Lily playing in her dress.

What do you think? I’m still learning but it’s wearable – right?

Hmmm, the wheels are already turning…what can I do for Jacob??

If you are looking for a pattern, click here to link to the tutorial I used.

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      • Britt says:

        You definitely need to get a label maker for the next holiday. You will love it. I am obsessed!

        As I was reading about the first dress you made, I was thinking I should have told you to make a pillowcase dress because they are the easiest…and then I scroll down and you did! They aren’t as fitted so its much easier to make.

  1. Crystal says:

    Uh, that’s pretty darn impressive. My first sewing project was an apron and it was pretty wonky. PS> Lily is precious. I can’t believe she’s almost 1.

  2. Sue says:

    I think you did a super job. Only you know what is not just so, so. She is adorable in all of them. Not sure when you find time to sew but Lily will always have one of kind dresses to wear. An original GUYER. Thanks for sharing…sue

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