Is a Rug Blogworthy?

I mentioned I was going to blog about my rug and the first words out of my husband’s mouth were “is a rug blog-worthy?” The answer – probably not but I’ve been talking about this rug for months! So, so be it!

I’ve been having rug drama. I know that sounds lame but our house is all hardwood floors and tiles so we use rugs to help soften sounds and as comfort for the kids. The problem is that our dog, Layla, digs at our rugs while we are away and slowly destroys them. So I’ve been looking for options that are inexpensive, easy to clean and durable! I came across a rug I loved on one of my favorite blogs House Tweaking.

She received so many compliments and inquiries on her rug that she did a whole entry on her kitchen rug. I was sold! The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug so it was very durable. All she has to do is hose it off – simple enough!

So I decided to purchase the rug, however, I wasn’t sure what size because I wasn’t sure which room (we currently need 4 rugs and 3 runners). I decided to try the runner because we need one for our bedroom. During our renovations we had our bedroom floors refinished and they weren’t sealed properly because now my high heels leave divots in the floor. I can’t wear my shoes in our bedroom so I’m looking for a runner to get me the closet out the door. So the order is placed and as with House Tweaking, I was told it was on back order 3-4 weeks. I decided to purchase it anyway. Well, the day comes it should arrive and I received an email from Ballard Designs. I excitedly opened the email thinking it was a shipment notice but instead I learned it was backordered even longer – this time for 2 more months. I had to sleep on it this time. Finally two weeks later, I decided to suck it up and I notified the company I wanted to continue with the order. Within 2 days the rug was on my doorstep – YAY! So drum roll, the long awaited rug/runner.

Farrah Indoor/Outdoor Runner

Now, I’m on the fence. It doesn’t go with our bedding. What do you think – should we keep it and just change out the bedding? Let me know your thoughts!!

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  1. Melissa L. says:

    i really like it when things are not super “matchy-matchy”. i like the diversity of design. and the colors of the rug are neutral enough to go with a lot. i like it as is!

  2. britt says:

    I would like to vote that you keep it but see what it looks like in other places before you change your bedding. What about the entry?

  3. Sue Deege says:

    The rug is a neat idea. Washing rugs is time consuming so just hosing off is great. I neat some like these not for the noise but because it helps keep the area clean because of my fur babies eating, etc. The colors match your room decor so I would change the bedding or add different shams and pillows that compliment the rug. Love your home and decorations. Great job….Sue

  4. AL says:

    Rugs are not Blog worthy, but then again…very little in this blog is blog worthy….
    As Jacob would say….Booorrrring……

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