My First Decoupage Project

I want to start out by saying I’m by no means a decoupage expert. In fact, I don’t feel qualified to be giving the instructions but I did want to share the idea of this project with you!

I wanted to create a piece of artwork for Lily’s room so I decided to try my hand at decoupage.

Getting Started:

I started with an 8×11 canvas, scrapbook paper, matte and satin mod podge, spray adhesive and a sponge brush. I ended up not using the spray adhesive. Also not pictured is the picture mat and ribbon (these were last minute adds). All supplies were purchased from Michaels.

I used the matte mod podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the canvas. I tried to smooth it out, however, I noticed a few bubbles. My brother (a civil engineer who apparently uses this stuff – go figure) told me it was best to use a roller but all I had was a sponge tip brush. Once it was dry, I brushed a layer of satin Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish.

I printed Lily’s initials in a couple of different font sizes and colors using Microsoft Word to help decided what I preferred. To create the monogram, I made the center letter bigger. I used a picture frame mat to give the artwork dimension. I secured the the mat and ribbon with hot glue.

Lastly, I painted the edges pink to finish it off. This could have been the first step but I didn’t mind getting a little of the paint on the paper. I still have a lot to learn about decoupage. What I didn’t tell you is I ripped off the paper twice because of the bubbles. :) My finished product isn’t perfect but it will do for now. I plan to give this another shot soon.

Have you decoupaged something? How did it turn out? What tips can you share?

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  1. imklvr says:

    It looks perfect! Nice job! My first ‘poge project was a pair of shoes! Can you believe it? I had a cream colored pair and wanted them white, so I used a white cotton fabric….and they turned out pretty well! I still wear them. Have hundreds of projects in my head for more uses of it!

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