Floating Family Frame

August is our wedding anniversary month and I have been wanting to do something to celebrate our marriage for a while so the timing was perfect to do a family frame. This is another item I pinned on my DIY Projects and Craft Pinterest Board. Woohoo – this is my third completed Pinterest project! I’ve seen this done a couple of different ways. I’ve seen some use a Cricut Expression machine to cut out vinyl letters (which is way to expensive for me) and some use stamps. I chose to use stamps. I found an alphabet set of some stamps on sale for $1.99 at Micheal’s!

I attempted to use the stamps but the letter imprints were either running or bubbling. The great thing about this project is that if you mess up you can wipe off the paint with a wet paper towel before it dries. I ended up ditching the stamps and decided to “trace” letters instead.

Materials I ended up using:

  • A picture frame – I found this frame on clearance at Michael’s and with a 25% off coupon I printed off their site (clearance items were included on this particular coupon) it was $7.50.
  • Paint – I chose black to match the black frame.
  • Paint brush – I used a couple of different sizes. I purchased a paint brush set so I have varying sizes on hand. It was trial and error but I ended up using a round 1 and a flat 2.
  • Stamp, vinyl letters or in my case a template to trace – I typed up the letters in Microsoft Word.
  • Exacto knife – optional
  1. I started by removing the frame’s backing. You will want to secure your glass to the frame. You can always glue it. I trimmed the cardboard backing to sit the frame’s decorative border using an exacto knife to give me extra bulk so the fasteners (no idea what the things are called) would hold the glass in place.

    Cutting the cardboard to fit the frame’s decorative border

    View of the back of the frame with the cardboard backing

  2. Create your template. As mentioned earlier, I ended up typing the letters in Microsoft Word to use as a template. The font I selected was Constantia with the font size of 125.
  3. I taped the printed Word document to the underside of the picture frame and then painted the letters onto the glass with a paint brush.

    I hung the frame in our entry way for now.

What do you think? Let me know – Leave a comment! Have you completed a project that you pinned on Pinterest lately? Do tell!

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