Inspiration for Fall Projects

Last week during lunch, I ran over to West Elm with a co-worker who wanted to check out the rugs. I’m a big online shopper so I forget what it’s like to touch and feel the products and to get inspired by the displays and decorations. I was in awe! I only wish I’d taken a camera!

Below are a few pictures I snapped with my camera phone of things to add to my DIY or For the Home pinterest boards (pardon the photo quality)!

With a 1947 home, we don’t have a lot of storage. I’m always looking for ways to stack and store items. I’d love these shelves for our office or living room! I’ve been planning a photo wall for our hallway and our living room and/or office. Here is another idea for the wall.

These paper covered branches offer a unique twist to a natural display. They would be a great fall decoration on a console table or sideboard. Lastly, I’ve been a little pillow happy with the sewing machine lately as you can see here and here. This pillow would be a great addition to my pillow making collection! I love the buttons! It would be a great addition to our bedding or the office chairs. Yay!! I’m getting excited about autumn! What projects are you planning this fall?

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