Master Closet

Last weekend my husband suggested we clean out our master closet. I was shocked but when it comes to getting organized you don’t have to ask me twice! I was a little surprised that he followed through with it since that is one of his least favorite things to do but he knocked it out in no time.

I also felt like I needed to redeem myself after exposing our junk room/office. My sister is concerned I may be a hoarder so this seemed like a timely post.

Our Master Closet

Before our renovation my husband and I each had our own closets (if you can call them that). Remember our house was built in 1947. We each had itty, bitty 2×3 reach-in closets and we shared a dresser. We were only able to keep in season clothing in our closet while our out of season clothes were stashed in the attic.

When we renovated our house, we added a 5×7 walk-in closet. Sounds great right?! Well, we were excited but we lost all usable wall space for a dresser so our closet was our only bedroom storage space. AND this was the first time we would share a closet.

I was really nervous about this because my husband and I have different standards. He is happy with piles on the floor and shoes tossed in a corner while I like things in rows and columns and orderly. And since we were giving up our dresser I immediately insisted we invest in a closet system.

I researched Ikea, Lowe’s, Home Depot and our builder at the time but when we drew out our plans they were either more than we wanted to spend or they didn’t provide enough storage. I liked the this Allen and Roth option from Lowe’s below but we needed more drawer space for our socks, underwear, t-shirts, gym clothes, etc.

Option from Lowe's

I had almost given up when I received a coupon for a professional closet organization company. I set up a consultation. I already had a design in mind but it was great to have a professional tweak the plan. She drew up a design and provided a quote which unfortunately was still out of our budget. But the good news is I had the rough sketch of the plan with suggested measurements. I replicated the design using Easy Closets’ design it yourself software. We downgraded a few of the bells and whistles we didn’t really need and selected white instead of the mahogany we desired, got a 10% discount for being Costco members and to  our surprise it was within budget! The catch is we would have to do the assembly ourselves but we were saving over $1000!!!

Call me crazy because it’s a closet and really no one will see it but I love it!! And I don’t have to go to the attic to get clothes or fight with my husband about the closet mess!

A few pictures of my side of the closet. Somehow I got the smaller side.

I read it is best to fold your sweaters to help preserve the shape so I store mine on a shelf but you can also fold them over a hanger. Since my sweaters and jeans are on display, I try to keep it tidy but it’s never perfect (until now we are the only ones to see it).

I also organize my shirts and sweaters by type and color. I sort by sleeve length and then by shade for my hanging items. This is not for everyone (like my husband) so I’m a believer of you do what works for you.

For extra storage, I used boxes and baskets to corral odds and ends such as scarves and accessories. The baskets are from Target and the boxes are shoe boxes painted or covered. And of course I needed a personal touch. How we did it?

We edited our wardrobe. This was difficult at first but now we do this at least once a year. If we hadn’t worn it in at least a year, we either donated or discarded the item.

The design was key. After streamlining our wardrobe, we took an inventory of our clothing to determine our storage needs. For example, I don’ wear many dresses so I didn’t need a large amount of long hanging space. With our closet being “L” shaped we had to make sure we had clearance to open drawers without hitting each other or the wall. We used double racks to maximize our hanging space. We selected different size drawers to allow for more drawers and to better accommodate things like socks, under-garments, etc. We added hutches for height and maximum storage.

We kept it simple. We stuck with the most basic drawer front, and standard polished chrome hardware. It’s easy to get carried away with fancy drawers, hardware and materials or finishes so we had to keep reminding ourselves our guests would most likely not see it and the basic materials were still backed by the guarantee so why over do it? And we can always replace the hardware later if we wanted. That said I did buy new hangers. I wanted our hangers to be the same and I favored wooden hangers. I purchased the hangers from Costco at 24 hangers for $20. I couldn’t find then online but click here for an alternative.

My one splurge – his doors! It’s less expensive to have open shelving than doors but I knew it would be too much to ask my husband to keep things folded nicely so I thought it was worth adding doors to his side and letting him keep it however he wanted. That has proven to be a great call! He has a catchall and a basket to keep belts and whatever else he needs to easily access. There are better shoe racks out there for sure! We selected a shoe rack from Crate and Barrel outlet that was narrow and open (and cheap) to avoid the closet feeling to closed in and to maximize our walkway.  The only negative about our shoe rack is our flat shoes sometimes slip off. We plan to add grip tape at some point. The jewelry boards were my first project and blog post!!. I love that it keeps my necklaces from getting tangled and I tend to wear my jewelry more now that it’s visible! I originally wanted to do this (source: but the open frame was a less expensive option that works for now. However, I’m keeping my eyes open for an inexpensive linen that I may use to cover the cork boards. That completes the tour of our master closet. What do you think? Can you tell my husband is a runner? He runs anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. He has two pair of work shoes and 10 pair of running shoes- hmmm. I’d love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions!

Thanks for visiting!! Hope to see you back soon!

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  1. Sue says:

    What an organized process. I feel like I have participated in a project planning on a big scale. You did a super job reseaching, planning and carrying through with every little detail. Lets revisit YOUR closet again in a few moments if that is OK to see how you have progressed or if you made any changes. Love it…..and what is that bottle for? Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Sue! There is a reason I didn’t show you what it looked like behind Walt’s doors. He is good about keeping his mess behind the doors and I usually hang things up right away. I was wondering if I should have explained the bottle. It’s a bottle of beer Walt is letting age and it needed to be in a cool dark place so for some reason he decided to put it on the shelf of our closet. :)

  2. Cindi @ Rustique Art says:

    My thoughts are wow and can you come do mine now! It’s lovely and I can imagine you like to just find reasons to go to your closet just to admire it all over again. You did an awesome job!

    I found your blog from The Shabby Creek Cottage Link Party.


    • guyerfamily says:

      Thank you! We had to get rid of a lot of extra clothing but now I can find things.I love having it organized that I don’t even mind putting laundry away! :)
      Thanks for visiting!!!


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