Need Help Planning? Here Are Some Freebies!!

I have friends ask me “Where do you find the time?” or “How do you do it all” and typically my response is “I don’t”. Which is true. I don’t do it all.

Juggling work, family, homework, sports, an active husband’s schedule and my desire to craft, decorate and blog means having to prioritize and usually something has to give. I make sure I don’t sacrifice family time but I do have to give up a workout here or there, give up a couple hours of sleep or live with a messy house.

If you want to be organized planning is key! The few minutes you spend on planning your day or week can save you from focusing on the wrong task or activity. Our family wastes so much time trying to figure out what’s for dinner. It takes us several minutes to agree on something only to learn we don’t have the ingredients then we have to figure out what we can make with what we have to realize we don’t want it and then we end up ordering out. Please tell we aren’t the only ones that don’t have it together and that you can relate – please?!

In case you are wondering, this post is not to give you the solution of how to get organized and be a better planner – I’m still trying to figure that out BUT I did come across these wonderful planning tools at Design Finch that I had to share!!!

I haven’t tried these. I use my MomAgenda to keep track of our daily schedule (which is on sale 50% off at Zulily until 10/1). I love it because it has a monthly and weekly view with room to track my schedule and space to keep track of up to four children’s schedules. I use those spaces for Jacob’s schedule, to track new things Lily is learning, Walt’s marathon training program and my workout schedule. I absolutely love it!!! I have friends that aren’t mom’s that love it to!

My favorite if the weekly meal planner with grocery list (#5) although Jacob prefers the list with the pots (#2).

I started using #3 just this week and it’s already making a difference! I usually save the majority of the cleaning for the weekend but by breaking it up a little each day it makes it so much easier on the weekend and cleaner throughout the week! I plan to start using the blog planner this week to help keep me on track because I promised to share what we learned during our wine tasting party and the progress of our play room last month and that still hasn’t happened.

To access any of these planners visit the Design Finch site and select the number of the item you want. It will link you to the site where you can download the free chart or checklist!

Take care and have a great weekend!!

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  1. Shayla says:

    Thanks so much for linking to the planners on my blog! I love that the cleaning schedule is already proving to be useful and you’re noticing a difference. Happy organizing!

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