2011 Halloween

With temperatures in the 50’s and a 15 month old, our trick or treating was brief but fun. Here are a few pictures before we left the house.

Daddy/Daughter The Flintstones Family
(Lily would not keep the bone in her hair but her smile is ear to ear because her big brother was taking the picture!) Our Family Jacob was a Terminator character and while we thought Lily would be scared of him she was more intrigued. She was trying to figure out where Jacob went so she would peek into the eyes of his mask. She would laugh and tug at his costume trying to pull it off. Photos of Jacob as something from Terminator. Of course, I think the one without the costume is best! Us trick or treating (we had to add a couple of layers). Lily had to be carried or pushed to participate. She can’t say ‘trick or treat’ so Jacob encouraged her to growl instead. She would growl and then giggle like a little girl. Walt is working on his camera skills. This was a photo he shot in the dark without a flash. He was proud it wasn’t blurry so I thought I’d post it – plus it was a cool house. Jacob’s lesson learned was he usually tries to get a couple of pieces of candy when we tell him only one. Well, he tended to the trick or treaters when we returned home and he would tell them “take two”. He complained because someone snagged three. Sound familiar?

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!


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