Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

I've been working on my kitchen corner for a couple of months now. I'm hoping to be able to reveal the space soon {fingers crossed it all comes together}. In the meantime, here is something I have been playing with that I wanted to share.

Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

I'm still perfecting these to hopefully be able to give them as Christmas gifts? But here is what I did.

This would be much easier if you have a Cricut or a Silhouette. That would allow you to cut a vinyl stencil that you could stick on the mug to paint your monogram. Unfortunately I do not, so I have to improvise.

Your materials will vary based on what you use as a pattern or stencil. But basically you need a mug, a porcelain pen or paint and a stencil.

I used PotteryBarn mugs I had on hand for the L.O.V.E and mugs I purchased from Ikea ($2.99 each) for the "G". The porcelain pen is from Micheal's. I practiced on a chipped mug first.

I started by trying a stencil (not pictured above) but I couldn't get it to stay flat on the mug. It would smear so I quickly abandoned that idea and moved on to the next. Keep a wet paper towel and/or moist q-tip nearby to clean up mistakes. The porcelain ink can be wiped off for a brief time after it's applied.

My next effort was to use graphite paper. I typed the monogram in Microsoft Word (I used Edwardian Script font) and printed it. Using graphite paper, I traced it onto the mug. Please note that I monogrammed the wrong side of the mug!!! Everything I've seen has the handle is to the right of the monogram. I then went over the image with a porcelain pen. Lastly, follow the porcelain pen instructions (letting it dry or baking it).

The tracing was not perfect but I only used it as a guide.

Below are my practice mugs. I did the "hers" first and then decided I wanted the word capitalized. It is by no means intended to show superiority as my husband as already eluded to. My practice mugs were on the right side but somehow I switched what I was doing without realizing it until I was done.

Another option is to use contact paper to create your own stencil. You can trace the monogram onto contact paper (or possibly print it on the contact paper directly depending on your printer) and then use an exacto knife to cut out the monogram. Adhere the outline to the mug (not the letter) and then paint the monogram onto the mug using a porcelain pen or paint.  I attempted this but it was tedious and I'm not that patient.

Here are some other monogram inspirations:

Anthropologie mugs

Potterybarn Emma Monogrammed Mugs

I also really like this idea of personalizing the mug with a quote or personal message…

courtesy Brookish on Etsy.

You can fill the cups with mini coffee bags or a hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. Not into coffee? Monogram a jar candle.

What do you think? Is this something you would like to receive as a gift? Have you tried this and have tips to share?

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  1. Sue says:

    I like the idea. You are so creative. Is this initial just on one side or both sides….like if you are right handed or left handed or perhaps I missed the instructions some where. Looks great and especially the HIS and HERS…or HERS and HIS!! Sue
    p.s. I still am not receiving the email notifications. They just stopped for some reason even thought I have resubscribed and checked boxes, etc. so I am late responding.

    • guyerfamily says:

      Good question! You’re right. It’s not in the instructions. I was planning on just doing one side but then I realized I did the letter on the wrong side. I assume that most people are right handed and when you hold the mug the monogram faces the person holding the mug. Because I did the wrong side I’m considering doing both.

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