Goodbye Kitchen Corner Clutter

I have been working on this corner spot in my kitchen of a couple of months now. It seems like everything has gone wrong.

  1. I bought a natural kitchen cart and spray painted it white when it actually came in white.
  2. I broke the spring off one of the cart doors during installation so the door falls off when you open it if you aren’t careful.
  3. The shelf we purchased was too long so my husband cut it but he cut the wrong side. Long story.
  4. We decided to get another shelf but when we hung the shelf we quickly realized what the stud finder indicated was a stud was not. We went back to our original shelf and made adjustments but that left extra wholes in a room where we don’t have touch up paint.
  5. Then I installed the hooks as designed for the shelf but they were incorrect for inspiration look I was going for so we had to re-measure, realign and re-drill.

Bottom line is it’s been poor planning. I keep jumping in and doing something and not thinking through measurements and planning and purpose! So this frustrating project is finally coming to an end!

The reveal!!! After completing the Pantry Reorganization, I wanted to tackle the kitchen corner that originally looked like this. I wanted a way to conceal the recycling and dog food and maybe add a little extra storage if possible. We were able to find a way to do both. Although it took way longer than expected!

The breakdown….

..inside the kitchen cart. Our new recycling bin is a $5 trash can from Target. It is much smaller but it’s also more manageable. We have to empty it into our large outdoor bin more often but it’s a doable chore for a 10 year old boy! We also downsized our dog food bin. I’m still looking for something a little bigger to accommodate an economy size bag of dog food. I may just buy another one and stack them. The main thing is I wanted something with a lid. Click here to read more about the actual kitchen cart.

On the wall

I went back and forth on the shelf and ended up with mismatched Ikea items. The brackets are EKBY and the shelf is part of the Stenstorp wall shelf. The Stenstorp shelf came in two lengths, 23 inches and 47 inches. Neither was ideal so I purchased the 47 inch shelf and had my husband to cut it. As a result, the pre-drilled holes no longer aligned so we modified the design.

The message board was a quick and easy DIY post shared previously.  The forks were a Pinterest inspiration seen below. I used 3M strips to adhere the forks to the wall.

They are great for recipes, coupons, business cards, etc.

The metal bar is a magnetic knife rack from Ikea. I know it’s a little off to the side but it was placed there to cover up the holes from where I first placed the bracket. The containers, also from Ikea, are currently covered in scrapbook paper and remain unclaimed. I’m not sure how I’m going to use them which is why I haven’t labeled them yet.

On top of the shelf are cookbooks, an old fashioned coffee grinder (yard sale find), jars of flour, sugar and cookies, and an old fashioned milk bottle filled with flowers. The jars and milk bottle are from Target.

I plan to monogram the coffee mugs as seen in the recent monogrammed coffee mug post,

but I’m not sure if I want to do a monogram or a personalized message so more to come.

That completes our kitchen corner, for now.

Oh, and the overhead light burned out which is why it’s dimly light and the photo colors are slightly off. My husband and I could not get the glass casing off the light fixture without possibly breaking it so we are probably going to have to replace the whole thing – some do-it-yourselfers we are. :)

Hopefully we will have better luck with our office redo.

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  1. Sue says:

    It looks great. No one but you would ever know the trials and errors you experienced. I love the memo board with the forks. What a neat idea!!
    But the cookie jar is too high. How will I ever sneak a cookie!!! And who is in charge of keeping that filled up?? Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Good point Sue!! I thought about that too! I had the cookie jar on the kitchen cart but I moved it up and put utensils on the cart. I may have to move the utensils back to the stove area and then I can put the cookie jar back on the cart. The cookies were just disappearing so quickly!!

  2. Emily says:

    I think it looks great! I have a little coffee area that is always cluttered and thought hanging up my mugs might help.

  3. LeAnn says:

    This looks great! I love the forks! I need to work on my kitchen and this gives me some inspiration! I’m your newest follower and I would love it if you would check out my blog!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Becky, it’s interesting you mentioned that because I was thinking it needed a theme and I was considering moving the coffee maker over to the corner and off the counter. Hmmm, I may just have to see how that works!

      Thanks for visiting!

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