Our Christmas Mantel – In Progress

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away.  Are you ready? Do you have your Christmas tree up, or house decorated? Have you finished your gift shopping? I’m partially there. Our tree is up and decorated but it’s missing a topper. Our house has decorations scattered about but I wouldn’t say they have all found a home yet. And as for shopping well, I’m still only about 20-25% complete.

Our mantel is one of those work in progress areas but I thought I’d share it anyway because I may wait for the after Christmas sales to purchase the last items.

Our Current State Christmas Mantel

I love to decorate and organize but I hate to spend money on décor. I’ll dish out the dollars on creating and capturing memories but I struggle with spending money on material items. {Don’t get me wrong I can be materialistic. After all, I have a couple of pair of designer jeans and name brand shoes but I didn’t pay full price for any of it.} I’m always bargain shopping for the best deal. So why did I go on this tangent? I’m not sure, maybe to say that the mantel is on the cheap. I’m hoping it doesn’t look that way but I’ll let you be the judge.

I like the crispness of white but with two kids and a dog I can’t have it too many places in our house so I decided on a white wreath for the winter mantel. The wreath is actually something I made using coffee filters. It cost $8 and I plan to share the tutorial a little later this week. (Update: Tutorial now available here.)

I love cranberries at Christmas. I like the boldness of this cool color. It’s invigorating after months of the warm earth tones. I purchased a couple of Ashland Stems from Michael’s for $0.99 each (they were 50% off) and molded them to fit a $3.99 vase from TJ Maxx. The candle was something I had on hand.

The branches are a carryover from our Thankful Tree only adorned with Christmas ornaments. My son refers to this as our Charlie Brown tree. I consider this free since it’s a reusing materials I had on hand. I had to throw this shot in because I went to a photography class and I’m working on using manual settings and blurring the background. More to come on that later.

The wooden Christmas tree is a last minute change. Originally I had a hurricane vase filled with ornaments. I swapped the wine corks and candle from the Fall Mantel with ornaments, but I was still on this hunt for a replacement idea.

I saw this featured on Centsational Girl on Monday and rushed out during lunch time to get the supplies! This is a lot easier than it may look. Not counting the spray paint I had on hand this was less than $10. Cha-ching! Click here for the tutorial!

The other fillers….

  • The garland was simply branches we trimmed from our tree
  • The ornaments randomly placed on the mantel for color are ones I’ve had for years.
  • The oddly placed candle in the middle is my favorite smelling candle from Banana Republic. I’m not sure they sell it anymore but I have to have it somewhere during the winter months. I’ll probably move it because it looks so out of place. I didn’t realize that until I took the photos.
  • The stocking holders are from Target but again I’ve had them for years. That is actually one of the update I need to make because we have 2 children and a dog so we need a couple more holders.
  • The stockings are ones I’ve had for 8-9 years from Target. This is another one of the items I desperately want to update, however, I’m not interested in spending $20+ a stocking so I’m waiting for the right deal! Here are a few I have my eye on.

I like these striped stockings from PotteryBarnKids.

And this snowman stocking from Crate and Barrel is cute for the kids. And this is another one from Crate and Barrel that isn’t bad.

I may try making this otherwise $200 stocking from EAB Designs.

So that wraps up our current Christmas mantel. I’m still struggling with the asymmetry so I may be making some more changes. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

As always, thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Sue says:

    I love it all….you are a smart and inventive shopper. The tree is a winner and a good choice. Very creative idea with the white wreath. Have you considered purchasing some of the led lights or other lights that are battery operated for you wreath? If you wanted to add color or mixed colors…just a thought…and no I have not completed my decorating or shopping…thanks for sharing..Sue

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