Wooden Christmas tree

As I mentioned in the Christmas Mantel in Progress, I saw a wooden Christmas tree on Centsational Girl Monday morning and just had to have it! I ran out during lunch to purchase the items and couldn’t wait to get home and get started. That was until our baby girl became ill. We ended up in the ER at 11pm when her temperature spiked to 104 degree and she was having difficulty breathing. After a chest x-ray in this archaic contraption, they ruled out pneumonia and we moved on to breathing treatments. She ended up on a steroid, antibiotic and an inhaler but she was feeling much better within 24 hours!!  Thank goodness!!


  • 1” x 4” x 96” wood (that was the shortest I could find) – $1.29
  • 2 packs of Thicker chipboard letter stickers (I purchased these from Joann’s – $4.99 per pack but I used 40% off coupon.) If you are a stickler for rules you will want to purchase something with capital letters so you can capitalize Christmas. Lower case Marquise font was the only font available at my local store.
  • Wooden star (I purchased this from Joann’s. It was a thin piece of wood so I purchased 2 at $0.29 each and glued them together to make it more substantial)
  • White spray paint
  • Wood glue or hot glue gun and glue


  1. I had Lowe’s cut a 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” block. They charged me 25 cents for the extra cuts which totaled $1 which was no biggie and a lot easier than having my husband whip out the saw and find time to do it.
  2. You may need to lightly sand the wood to get rid of some of the ridges from the cuts. I also chose to prime then paint the wood blocks and star, because, I have a tough time getting an even coat on untreated wood without several applications of paint.
  3. Next I added the letter stickers. The letters didn’t match my inspiration but these were the only ones available in the store. You may want to do this before painting the wood to avoid the extra step but I wasn’t sure if the paint would get in the nooks and crannies of the letters.  
  4. Glue the blocks together and glue the star to the top.

I love it!! But I can see myself playing around with it and painting the blocks and/or letters different colors, like red or green in future years.

Hope you enjoy!! And a big thanks for visiting!!

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    • guyerfamily says:

      Janice, I had considered putting a touch of glue on the letters when I was applying them, however, once I placed them I tried to reset a couple and it took a little effort. I definitely don’t think it would hurt to apply glue for extra security. I will say the tree has taken a bit of a beating. I’ve knocked it off the mantel a couple of times when I was adjust other stuff and the only damage done was the star fell off and I had to re-glue it.

      Thanks for visiting!! Good luck with your crafting!

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