New Year’s Resolutions

I still can’t believe it’s 2012! I didn’t have a chance to reflect on 2011 or any personal accomplishments and it’s already time for a new planner, new calendars and New Year resolutions! OK, no biggie. I like to set goals! They give me focus and something to work toward improving. My husband and I usually sit down and discuss a few financial and family goals together but these are just mine! Here we go!

Get Organized

I left this open because I need to get our house organized, our yard, our kids and even my desk at work. I plan to start with the one that needs it the most – our house!! Parts of it are there like Lily’s room, our kitchen pantry, our master closet, the guest bathroom and maybe our laundry room, but our office is still a junk room, Jacob’s room is a disaster area and our playroom progress has come to a screeching halt! In 2012, I’ll be focusing on the details and making sure everything has a place!! I hope to share a few tips I learn along the way!

Stay Active

I’ll keep this one short. My goal is to stop making excuses and get out and do something active at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes, whether it’s walking/jogging, pilates, yoga or strength training. I know that may sound lame after completing the ridiculously crazy and insane Beach Body’s Insanity series last summer but I’m good with it for now! I’m going to give running an earnest attempt because it is my husband’s passion and it would be great if we could enjoy this together (without me panting like a dog trying to catch my breathe as my husband runs circles around me trying to convince me, “I’m sure you are not actually dying.”)

Improve My Cooking

I’m not a great cook and I’m not sure why?!? As the oldest of six, my irish twin sister and I had to cook several meals for our siblings but boy am I a bad cook? I’d say 1 in 10 of my meals come out as planned. In 2012, I plan to incorporate more recipes into my routine and order out less! I evened added a “food” category to the blog to encourage me.

Put Holes in the Wall

We have lived in our house for 3 and half years and I don’t have a single picture on the wall. I have a clock, small mirror and scrapbook framed art hanging in Lily’s room, what was supposed to be a temporary framed art piece hanging in our dining room and our handprints in the playroom but that’s it! That leaves a couple of hallways, three other bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, office and bathrooms without wall decor (unless something is leaning against the wall waiting to be hung). This year I’m going to put up some pics!! I started working on this goal yesterday and I can’t wait to share an update!!

Document More Stories and Print More Pictures

I did a horrible job of documenting events and printing pictures of our family. Even if I took pictures, they never made it off the computer. Now with our sweet, new(ish) camera and an awesome photography class behind me, I have no excuse. Whether it’s photobooks, or calendars or pictures to hang on the wall (that’s right I’m serious about putting holes in the wall), I plan to take and print more pictures. I also plan to finish Lily’s baby book and start writing letters to the kids so that one day they can see their accomplishments or funny stories through our eyes. {The photo above is from November’s Fun Photo Editing tutorial – check out the post to see how you can make your own}.



Whether it’s decluttering or limiting how much we take on, my goal is to simplify our lives. I see a yard sale in my near future and we will also be refraining from taking on too many big projects this year. I envision this year’s focus being on creating a blissful but youthful outdoor oasis.  We’ll see if my husband agrees?

Learn to Chill


This will probably be the hardest because I’m not even sure where to start but my husband often tells me that I’m missing out. My goal is to not take everything so seriously. To make sure to sit back, relax and have a good laugh! To step away from magazines, blogs, to-do lists, diaper duty, etc. and enjoy life!

I think that does it for me!! Cheers to a wonderful 2012!! What’s on your list?

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