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I know I owe pictures of the painted office, but I couldn’t resist jumping ahead to this post. I did this on January 2 and I wanted to get it out there before my excitement wore off. I finally put holes in the wall!

This is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years. For several months, I have been collecting various, inexpensive frames in anticipation of creating a family frame display/wall gallery. It wasn’t until I made it my New Year’s Resolution that the idea moved into the planning and execution stages and it went through those stages pretty quickly. I can’t say that it turned out according to the initial idea I had in my head. In fact, I ended up putting it on a completely different wall than I intended and I ended up using mismatched frames while I had planned on having all white ones. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with the layout.

I’m still working on the pictures/artwork that will go in the frames. I was going to purchase art prints when my neighbor encouraged me to take photos of architectural structures or natural elements for more meaningful images. {Thank you Alison!}

How it all came together – finally?!

It started with an inspiration. These were a few of the galleries that inspired me. You can click the picture to access the original location.

Young House Love
From Gardners 2 Bergers
6th Street Design School

Then I started arranging and rearranging the frames on our bed. Once I found something I liked, I took a picture to remember the layout. {Sorry for the blurry iphone pic.}

The only problem was I didn’t have measurements to know how far apart to place each frame so I cut newspaper the size of each frame and taped them to the wall with painters tape. I really wanted to skip this step but it turned out to be well worth it as it saved me a few unnecessary holes!

To hang the frames I used a combination of nails and 3M frame hanging strips. I used the 3M strips for the frames that were intended to be tabletop frames.

Where I got the frames?

1. Michael’s {Metal frame with ‘Family’ magnet} 2. Michael’s wooden frame that is intended to be painted 3. Ikea Ribba frames 4. Hobby Lobby 5. TJMaxx 6. Marshall’s 7. Michael’s 8. Kirkland’s

It’s still a work in progress but what do you think? My son thinks my excitement is overrated so I can handle constructive feedback.

Thanks for visiting!! I’d love to hear what you think and I really hope to have you back!

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  1. Janette@The2Seasons says:

    I am working on a similar gallery wall. Everything is original art and means something special to me. There is still one vacant spot, and I’m going to frame a postcard my grandfather wrote to my grandmother when he was in WW 1 in France.

    • guyerfamily says:

      Janette, I love that idea!! It’s so incredibly special! My husband and I talked about doing something similar. His best friend traveled the world and sent him post cards from all over the place. He passed away unexpectedly a couple of years ago. We are planning on framing on of his postcards as well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!

  2. katie goldsworthy says:

    So fantastic!!! I love it and it’s the perfect thing for that little wall!

    If you’ld like to link it up again, we’ld love to have you at Tell it to Me Tuesday @Creatively Living

    Creatively Living

  3. dormouse says:

    Well done – your picture gallery looks fabulous. You have arranged them really well and they look great. Well done on achieving your impossibility challenge.

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