Our 2012 Home Improvement Goals

While I shared my personal resolutions for the new year last week, my husband and I discussed our 2012 goals for our home this weekend and we are ready to rock and roll. Before, my husband’s solution to every problem was to say we should just move but one of his resolutions is to embrace the charm of our 1947 home and help create a safe and happy haven {I’m paraphrasing because he would never use the word haven}.

We tried to be realistic about what we could accomplish this year. And for the record, we agreed to areas of focus such as yard, office etc., I threw the decorating details since those are the things my husband doesn’t really care about so some of these may get nixed when he sees the list. :)

We are posting these to help us be accountable. There is something about writing your goals down or saying them out loud or posting them on the internet that makes you more committed. {If you click on an image below you should be able to access the original source.}

1. Stop making excuses. With full time jobs, active children and time-consuming hobbies, the reality is our house will never be perfect {especially with unexpected guests}. So I’m adopting this motto. I may even put this up on the wall.

2. Take care of business as my husband likes to say. We have a few not-so-fun home maintenence items we will have to take care of first. We have to insulate and weather proof our home and we need to have our roof repaired. I wish we could skip those but unfortunately they are necessary.

3. Focus on one room at a time. We plan to touch several rooms but we are going to try to do it one at a time. By focusing on one room we hope to see progress faster than spreading our efforts out across spaces.

The first room on our list is our Office.

Thankfully we can check painting off the list. Now we need to install new lighting, purchase seating, and decide on smarter storage solutions like these ideas from Martha Stewart.

a mini office filing cabinet

organized home office shelving

or a cabinet to tuck away office supplies

Add a bar in a nook in our dining room {although it would be half the size of the inspiration below}

 Transition Jacob’s room to a pre-teen room

That includes swapping out furniture, new bedding, a seating area if possible and a closet organization system. We are undecided on hooking up a TV in his room. He tells us he is the only 10 year old boy without a TV in his room – is that true?


4. Take it outdoors

Build a new shed

We don’t have a garage or basement so we need a bigger shed and it needs to be relocated to another area of the yard. Our current shed can’t hold all the yard equipment, home improvement power tools, ladders, garden gear, sporting equipment and bikes. Not to mention there is a big tree root sticking up that prevents us from being able to fully open the doors.

Create a playground for the kids

 Add wooden railing to our front porch

It’s a small space and we picked a simple design that calls for straight cuts so it shouldn’t be too bad? It will be fun to test our carpentry skills.

I look forward to sharing our progress as we find creative ways to accomplish these goals on a shoestring budget. So now it’s your turn. What home goals do you have on your 2012 to-do list?

Don’t have it yet? Keep me in mind when you do because I get such great ideas from you guys!

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  1. Cate says:

    I love this idea of making goals for home improvement. So simple, i wish i would have thought of it sooner! Often my husband and I are on different pages when it comes to home improvements. The result being lots of time and resources being spent inefficiently. Here’s to getting stuff done! Thanks for the idea.

  2. May says:

    I too hope my list lends some accountability to my goals.

    I think you are smart to have take care of business so high on your list. It is never fun to sink the $ or energy into the bones parts that don’t show, but it is the way to go.

    Here’s to your success!

  3. Linda @ It All Started with Paint says:


    First, you son is so trying to pull one over on you!

    Second, I think you just helped me solve a major hurdle I’ve had about paint colors for my bedroom. BM Woodlawn Blue looks amazing in your office …

    Third, I wanted to let you know about an “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge that I launched this week with 5 other blog friends … it starts now and all culminates in a multi-blog Jan 31 linky party. You can read more about it here …


    Mine includes painting the vaulted ceiling in my bedroom. But thanks to you, I think I have the perfect color. Check.

    We hope you’ll be able to join in the fun …


  4. Kim Patterson says:

    Hey-Tony’s brother is a salesman for a company that does weatherproofing and insulation for homes. Let me know if you need his information.

  5. Theresa says:

    Stopping by from nester’s. We have to replace our roof…not fun, so wish we could use that money for something else…but it must be done!

    We also have to transition our daughter’s room from a baby room to more of a kid room.

  6. Angel Collins says:

    I think that we also need some repair on our roof but we still need to negotiate regarding that because it still works a bit fine and we’re on a tight budget nowadays. But nevertheless, I find your goals helpful and it inspires me to do more plans while keeping in mind to maintain its attainability. Thanks!

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