Closet Catastophe – Desperately Seeking Ideas

Our closet, which was one of our more organized spaces collapsed Friday.

It went from this.

To this.

This is how my husband found it when we got home from work and it took a while for it to register with us both. We aren’t sure how it happened of if it will be covered by any kind of warranty but now we are wanting something more stable. AND we don’t want to spend another thousand dollars on it. Currently we are using Walt’s Christmas gift as a makeshift closet until we find a new solution but I can tell you this won’t work for long. We did something similar when we were going through renovations (when 2-3 weeks turned into 4 1/2 months) and we just don’t have the patience to do it again.

My husband and I share a 5 x 7 closet that is our only clothing and shoe storage. We need it to have shelves/drawers, lots of hanging space and of course spots for shoes.

Here are a few inspirations. Hopefully we can take bits and pieces that work for our space and create a new ultimate walk-in.

I love the shoe and shelf storage of this closet. It may actually fit our space but we need more hanging rods. {via Pinterest}

I wish we had this much space! We could really use double hanging rods like this with dividers to separate his and hers. {via Pinterest} Maybe we should consider the narrow side for hanging and the longer side for shelves and drawers? {via BHG}

I hadn’t thought of wall cabinets – hmmm? (via BHG)

{via California Closet}

We are going to get a few quotes from carpenters so if you are in Charlotte and have a great referral, let me know!! The trials and tribulations of home-ownership!

Do you have any unexpected home expenses that you are dealing with? I’d love to hear them maybe we can commiserate together. :)

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  1. Sue says:

    Oh my goodness…what a disaster. Looks almost like someone or something was in your closet and I am so sorry. You are speaking to the Queen of home repairs and unexpected expensives. Hopefully you can recruit some family and friends to help out temporarily…you know a “pay it forward deal” Then you help them in some way. That is a new philosophy for me. Keep us posted and hope all works out OK….Sue

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