Cute DIY Scratch-Off Valentine’s Day Card

I saw this in the Better Homes and Garden (BHG) magazine when I was on the treadmill the other day and of course I had to try it!

Walt and I agreed not to exchange Valentine's gifts this year. This is something I said I would never let happen but the reality is we do little things for each other all the time and we have several big expenses coming up so I reluctantly agreed. At first, I agreed thinking, "OK sure, whatever, you don't have to get me anything but I'm still getting you something" but then I thought that wouldn't be fair AND it could actually be fun finding ways to show my love and affection for my husband without spending money. It was a great opportunity to be creative!

I found the BHG template online which made this easy!! I'm not going to share my husband's potential prizes because he sometimes reads the blog but they are all things he loves or asks for often. I asked around and a few common suggestions were breakfast in bed, a guys night out, a massage, date night of their choice, sleeping in, candlelight dinner at home and of course there were some more intimate ones.

Once you decide on the prizes, print the card. The card template is an 8×10 which I thought was a little big so I resized mine to be 5×7.

To make this card, you need a sheet of cardstock paper, a printer, metallic acrylic paint, dishwashing liquid, clear contact paper and a flat paint brush. YAY, all of which I had in stock so I consider this free!

Trace the heart shape and cut it out to use as a template.

Using the heart template, draw four hearts on the clear contact paper. I made a few extra hearts because I made Jacob a card too (pictured above).

Mix 2 parts Metallic acrylic paint and 1 part dishwashing liquid.

Doesn't that look cool!

Apply paint to the hearts on the contact paper using a flat brush. Let the paint dry between coats. I painted 3 coats. You can see by the picture below that I didn't stay within the lines – very unusual for me but we were headed out of town so I was in a hurry! I also only waited only 5 minutes between coats which is probably not recommended.

Cut the hearts and then remove the contact paper backing and apply it to the card.

I didn't have an envelope so I used a piece of red scrapbook paper and this template to create my own. I had to modified the measurements to fit my 5×7 card. I folded the sides and then glued the bottom piece to the folded sides.

Viola!! This was another fun project to do! I love the personalization!!

I decided to do one for Jacob too because he loves scratch offs. His prizes are:

  • No Chores
  • Breakfast of his choice
  • A Movie
  • He gets to stay up an extra hour

Interestingly, we recently heard on NPR that couples spend $137 each on Valentine's day. I'm excited because we are doing Valentine's Day way under the average $274 this year!!



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