Our Valentine’s Day – 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you enjoyed the day and did something special for yourself or a loved one. I have to say my husband out did himself this year. We agreed to not spend money on each other so I thought I'd be creative and make a handmade card.

He kind of knew what I was doing because of the blog so he decided to do the same thing. His card was the best gift I've gotten from him (kids aside of course).

It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea a silly little card printed on printer paper would affect me way more than the jewelry and flowers I've received in the past. He wrote a sweet message and the reasons he loved me and I think he caught me at a time when I was overcome by pregnancy hormones {that's right – we're expecting} and the rough day I'd had because I cried. I'm incredibly blessed to share my life with this wonderful person.

Ok, enough sappy stuff, on to the kids. We didn't do much for Lily because she really doesn't understand but this is the last year Jacob will exchange Valentine's day cards. I convinced him to be thrifty and let me print the cards and use Valentine bags I had from a clearance sale last year. However, I underestimated the cost of filling the bags. I definitely lost money on this deal. He claimed the original cards I made him were too girlie so I found a cute card he approved for the girls.


And I made this one for the boys.

Jacob was excited to hand these out – yay!!

Jacob also loved his scratch off Valentine card. He can't wait to use his No Chores prize and he is eager to find out what the other prizes are. (We decided we would stretch it out and give him the others over time).

I attempted to make the kids heart shaped pancakes and we proclaimed it pajama day for Lily so she wore her pajamas to daycare!

Lily wrapped up the day with a cupcake (store bought – I had these grand plans to make conversation heart iced sugar cookies but that didn't come to fruition) while Jacob chose Valentine Day candy.

Walt and I will be celebrating with a date night this weekend!!

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    • guyerfamily says:

      Ashley, If only you knew what chaos we have going behind the scenes. I guess my ‘creative’ projects are my outlet but yesterday our house cleaner (which we found at a deep discount!) said she could come over on weekends and help me organize if I needed her to. Jacob was in the background laughing and I was thinking to myself “darn, is it really that bad?” :)

  1. Sue says:

    Great job pregnant one!! And lucky to have such a neat and caring husband. Love your cards, treats and pancakes…ummmm!! Lily’s hair is getting darker and she is losing her baby face…so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Hang in there…..Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Sue!! Lily is getting to be such a big girl. This morning she was telling everybody “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” as she we getting ready to leave. Then she stood by the door and waited for us to exit so she could shut the door. It was too cute!

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