IT’S A…Gender Reveal and Pregnancy Details

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that we are expecting a new addition to our family.

Well, I’m not good at keeping secrets. I can keep them if I really have to but when someone asks me specifically it’s hard to not tell. So it was hard to keep the baby’s gender to ourselves when my husband and I decided we would wait to share the news. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law was being induced the day we were finding out so we really wanted to focus on her big day and celebrate our new nephew!! But once we knew, we were bursting at the seams to start sharing the information so we decided we would share it in bite size pieces.

{Despite the 10-20 ultrasounds I’ve had during the previous pregnancies, I’m not great at interpreting sonograms. I know there is a head, body, arm and leg in there.}

We started with the kids. Lily is too young to understand what is going on (other than my belly getting bigger – which she has recently started patting) but Jacob is well aware and has made it clear that he wanted a brother and that while he wished for another sibling he didn’t want any more after this.

We shared the news cupcake style.

I was giddy about this one because I’ve been looking for a reason to try a new cupcake recipe since the red velvet Valentine cupcakes (I fully expect to fail my glucose test with my insane sugar dependency). We don’t spoil the kids with many desserts so this seemed like a wonderful surprise for them! I made sour cream pound cake cupcakes from scratch, filled them with blue icing and topped them with almond frosting!! I had never filled cupcakes before so this whole recipe and process was new and exciting. The idea is they would find out if it was a boy or girl when they bit into the cupcake. (Recipe and Instructions coming soon)

I had a tough time getting them to both look at the camera before they finished their cupcakes.

With my husband’s family, we used balloons to reveal the surprise. The idea is when you open the box, you release boy or pink balloons. The balloons were too big so it didn’t work out as planned (the balloons needed help escaping). I used chalkboard contact paper on the front (this is a good thing to have on hand). I left a few of the balloons on the string taped to the box for the photo opportunity.

Lily was a little confused and sad to see the balloons fly away.

My family is all out of town and we wanted them to receive the news simultaneously so I texted them this photo.

I didn’t really do anything exciting with the first two kids and this is probably our last so I made up for it by trying all the different ideas at once. Until recently, I didn’t even realize what a fade this was. Couples hire event planners and host baby reveal parties and some wait to find out until the party! {They have the ultrasound technician write it down on a piece of paper and they take it to the baker.} It makes sense, it’s a fun and exciting time that you want to share with friends and family and it’s much easier to do that in your second trimester than when the baby arrives! My husband and I wanted the personal moment between just us so we found out but then we had to keep a lid on it that was the tough part!

I thought I’d make this post super long and answer a few other questions I’ve received.

  • When are we due? Our due date is July 12, 2012 but I will most likely have to have another c-section (as with the first two) so we will probably deliver the week prior to avoid the onset of labor and potential delivery complications.
  • How are you feeling? I’m feeling great now but I was incredible nauseous and fatigued from 3-10 weeks. That was a big giveaway! We suspected the pregnancy before we could actually confirm it. I feel like I slept through the Thanksgiving holiday and started to recover shortly after Christmas. Although, I can turn on the tears without notice and I’ve already gained 20 pounds {yikes}.
  • Are the kids excited? We are all very excited about growing our family but we really have been too busy to think much about it. Jacob adores his little sister but he has also wanted a brother so he is stoked. Lily doesn’t know what she is in for but we have been showing her pictures of our new baby nephew and she gets so excited to see the baby – let’s only hope! She is definitely a mama’s girl so we pray for a smooth transition. I wanted a little sister for Lily but my husband was rooting for a boy. Lily’s daycare thought a boy was the best plan because there can be only one Lily.
  • Do you have any names picked out? We had a girl name but we don’t have any boys names picked out (at least ones we agree on). The two other kids have top 10 names which we didn’t intend so we are looking for something unique to avoid that happening again.
  • Will you continue What I Wore (WIW) Wednesday posts? Yes, I plan to continue the topic but maybe not weekly since my maternity wardrobe is intentionally limited. I’m looking for a few WIW guest posts to sprinkle in so please email me at if you have an outfit idea or fashion topic you want to share!
  • Where will you put Baby #3? We halted all playroom design efforts when we started planning the pregnancy. We will either be moving Lily to the playroom or convert it to a new nursery. There will definitely need to be a lot of shifting and maybe furniture selling going on.
  • How did you tell your parents you were expecting? We notified our families over the holidays.
    • I knew my family would figure it out when I was visiting them for Thanksgiving so I thought I’d beat them to the punch. I made this shirt for Lily to wear. We changed her into it after the majority of my siblings arrived and it took about 20 minutes or so for anyone to notice.
    • With my husbands parents, we gave them this picture frame as one of their gifts for Christmas. We put a picture of each child with “Coming Soon July 12, 2012” in the third slot. I’m not sure it clicked right away because my husband’s father said he liked how we put the coming soon in the frame.

In case it wasn’t clear, we are having a boy (no twins)!! With the pregnancy more than halfway over, we are starting to get a little anxious with how quickly it’s flying by and the planning and preparation yet to do. Let the fun continue!!



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    • guyerfamily says:

      They are adorable together!! There are times where Lily is frustrated and just wants her brother (as if he can relate to her needs). It will be interesting to see if and how the dynamic changes with a third child. I’d love for them to maintain their strong bond!

  1. Sue says:

    Congratulations!! I was hoping for a boy as I mentioned in one of my other comments….especially for Jacob. What a neat way to announce your new JOY. You are very creative and I love the photos. Take care of YOU and slow down a bit OK? Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Sue!! I thought you would be excited! Walt and Jacob definitely are! I was hoping that Lily could have a little sister but I assumed it would all work out the way it was meant to be. We bought mostly neutral things for Lily so we were in pretty good shape either way. Believe it or not, we have a lot less going on now than we did when we were expecting Lily so it’s been a more enjoyable experience!

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