Wardrobe Challenge – What Colors Are Best

This was the most challenging and overwhelming part of the series for me. I know some of you had questions about your body shape but at least there is a formula for that (the measurements). The color analysis is a little more subjective which makes it a little tricky. I think it's helpful to confirm this with a friend.

The reason color is important is because it makes the difference of you looking alive or drained. The right colors can make you look more vibrant, healthier and even younger so you in turn feel more confident. The wrong colors can make your skin or hair look dull, cast shadows, accentuate lines and as a result make you feel blah. Analyzing your color helps you identify which colors make you look your best. Below is an example of some colors for a Warm Spring.

via Self Makeover

Color analysis is a careful assessment of your natural coloring of eyes, skin and hair. It is best to do this in natural lighting without any makeup on to evaluate your truest colors.

I used this table from Self Makeover to help me identify if I was a Warm or Cool.

I'd always considered myself a Warm because of my dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin tones but brown/black hair and dark brown eyes fell in the Cool category and I have blue veins on the underside of my wrist. This explains why my mother and I could never wear the same colors. I just assumed we were the same but she has golden, reddish highlights and much more of a yellow undertone and green veins. That's why gold looks good on her and silver on me – light bulb turns on!

Next is to determine your season. If you are Cool, then you are a Winter (a Dark Cool) or Summer (a Light Cool). If you are a Warm, then you are a Spring (a Light Warm) or Autumn (a Dark Warm). This is where you begin to identify with a color palette.

via Self Makeover

Once you determine your season, you determine your chroma, which means identifying whether your color characteristics are strong and rich, soft and muted, or clear or bright. This is where it got too complicated for me so I'm directing you to The Chic Fashionista's Seasonal Color Analysis. She helps you identify where you fall on the seasonal chart and provides advice on what colors you should wear (further narrowing your color palette) once your determine your coloring.

 via The Chic Fashionista

I ended up being a Deep Winter so these are the colors recommended for me. I would have never guessed that. So that mustard color cardigan I've been wanting is not meant to be. Maybe that is why I never found the right one?

From Left: Black, charcoal, black-brown, red-brown, icy grey, grey, hot pink, true red, rust, aubergine, blue red,
mint, lemon yellow, light green, emerald green, olive, purple, Chinese blue, bright periwinkle, blue, navy, clear teal.

If you find this to be to complicated (and I don't blame you if you do), then start paying attention to what people say looks good on you. Make note of those colors because they are most likely the best ones for you!

Once you know your body shape and your color analysis, you know what types of clothing and colors flatter you!! This makes it easier to purge your closet and begin building a wardrobe that you’ll enjoy and use!

This week's What I Wore outfit at 20 weeks pregnant {read more about that in our pregnancy announcement and the baby's gender reveal posts}.

Camisole is from Ross; top and $1.50 pearl ring is from Forever 21; skirt (which is completely unzipped in the back hence the tight camisole) is from Banana Republic; shoes are from Payless (this time last year)

I tried to incorporate some suggestions for the Apple body shape while trying to wear my non-maternity clothes as long as possible. I selected an A-line skirt just above the knee to draw attention to the legs and a hip length, flowy shirt to balance and elongate the body.

If you decide to analyze your color, let me know!!! I want to hear how it worked out for you and what you ended up being. Do you agree or disagree? Is it what you expected?  Do share!!!


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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put this info together. Very interesting. I am definitely a COOL….I like all the colors in that chart and my wardrobe confirms. Purple is one of my favorites. You look great in your outfit and show off those legs as much as possible!! Sue

  2. Leota says:

    Thanks SO much for this post!!! I have light golden brown hair with red highlights as well. I also have light blue eyes with a golden cluster around the pupils. My skin is very light Color,kind of peachy pink/ off white.
    With your help….I have determined I am a Spring!!!! Sound right to you?

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