Spring Fever and Bird Mania!

With Spring less than a week away, it is definitely in the air!! Our old and quaint neighborhood is surrounded by 50+ year old trees and we are starting to see green buds and hear the birds chirping!!! Naturally as a toddler, Lily has keen hearing and she picks up on sounds that we take for granted such as birds, airplanes and chu-chu trains. She hears the birds chirping first thing in the morning – in fact they may even wake her up? So with Spring and Easter and Lily’s recent fascination with birds, I thought it fitting to incorporate them into our Spring decor!

I first saw these on Pinterest and thought they were so cute I had to try it (story of all my creative endeavors lately).

I purchased the birdhouses at Michael’s. They were $1.99 each. You will also need wood stain, paint, paintbrushes and sand paper. I had all the other supplies on hand from other projects.

Start by staining the birdhouses. They won’t be pretty at this point but it only gets better!

Once the stain is dry. Paint the birdhouses your color of choice. I had to mix a couple of paints to get the paint color I wanted.  I painted two coats.

Once the paint is dry, sand the birdhouse to give it the aged look. The stain will then show through. You can’t really see it in the pictures below but if you look at the stands you may notice a little.

I love the way that photo turned out!!

In going with the bird theme, I also did a bird silhouette. This was easy. I entered key search words “bird silhouette” in Google images. I copied and pasted the picture into Word to size it and then printed it out. I cut the bird picture using scissors and an exacto knife and pasted it to scrapbook paper.

Thank you for visiting! Happy crafting!! We are off to Wrightsville Beach for Walt’s marathon! Have a great weekend and as always let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback by posting a comment  below!

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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for sharing your birdhouses. I love birds also but not so many in my backyard anymore since I have adopted all these cats that love my yard and little waterfall pond. They like to hide in the shrubbery out of the heat. Hope your marathon turned out well. Remember…slow down a bit…Happy Spring…Sue

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