Trip to Wrightsville Beach

Our trip to Wrightsville Beach was a quick one! With the baby due in July and upcoming travel plans, we didn’t want to use any vacation days or rack up the expenses on this trip so we went down, enjoyed dinner on the beach, spent the night, Walt ran the race, we grabbed lunch and then headed back home. It was jam packed but we still had a great time, shared some laughs and lots of hugs!

Trip Down

The drive down was uneventful for the most part and we are thankful for that. Lily didn’t sleep much but she was pretty content, traffic wasn’t too bad and we only made one stop. The problem was when we made that stop; Jacob, our 10 year old know-it-all, realized he didn’t have any shoes – at all! Ironically he was bragging about how he was the first one ready but I noticed he didn’t have shoes on so I disagreed with him claim.

Our conversation,

Jacob: “I’m the first one ready!”

Me: “You don’t have any shoes on”

Jacob: “I don’t plan to wear shoes in the car.”

Me: “Well, you need to put them on your feet and wear them to the car so we can make sure you have them. Then, you’ll be the first one ready.”

The result, he didn’t listen and therefore forgot his shoes!!!! Grrr!! The punishment, he had to wear my flip flops all weekend.   Yes, it would have been easy to stop at a Rite Aid or CVS to purchase a pair of flip flops but my husband and I both reminded him and he didn’t listen so we thought him wearing my shoes would be more fun and it was – for us- not him of course.

We Arrive!

And not a minute to soon! We were all ready to burst to the point that I actually used a Porta Potty (not without complaining of course).

We went straight to the expo which was great because it was outside and open so the kids could get some energy out! They both jumped in the bounce house – well sort of. Lily was getting tossed like a bean bag so she stood up against the side but she loved every minute of it and her big brother stood nearby to block anyone from smashing into her. Then they went down the big bounce house slide together. I had to pull her away kicking and screaming!

Our Evening

Dinner was delicious! We had seafood at a restaurant overlooking the beach. It was a little later than we normally eat with the children so our kids were the youngest ones there. Lily with her big hair flower and bright eyed smile was getting a lot of attention from others! We were even complimented on how well behaved our children were – really?? Ours?? Someone pinch me!

We got a suite because Lily does not fall asleep if there is a lot going on. Surprisingly, she was out within 2 minutes but unfortunately the hotel didn’t have a crib so she was in our bed. This little 32 inch girl occupied more of the king size bed than Walt and I together. She tossed and turned. Pulled the blankets up then kicked them off. She pushed/kicked each of us to the edge of the bed. We barely got any sleep with the little wiggle worm around. I felt so bad for Walt who had to get up and run 26.2 miles the next day. Then of course when the alarm goes off for us to get up she is out cold!! I actually changed her diaper and got her dressed without her waking up!

The Race

This was a special race for Walt. Not only had he stepped up his training and was anxious to see the results, but it was also the birthday of his best friend, Jonathon, who died in a climbing accident almost 5 years prior. He quietly dedicated this race to the memory of his best friend that will never be forgotten so I know he really wanted to do well.

The race started at 6:30 so Walt and I agreed that we would miss the start and see him on the course. We planned to see him at mile 11, 22 and near the finish. That would give us an about an hour between viewings to get breakfast and play.

I’m horrible at getting pictures in motion but to boot I forgot my camera at the hotel!! So the first shot was with my iPhone. Not too bad? Hubby is looking good and strong!! He was happy to see us and made sure we knew it! Then hustled to get McDonald’s, grab the camera, change Lily’s diaper and return for mile 22.

Mile 22 – This time I had the camera but he came up on us so quickly I didn’t even have time to unzip the camera bag. I yelled “I wasn’t ready” with camera bag in hand. He was doing so well that he joked with me as he ran by.

After Walt passed, we proceeded to the finish line. It 10-15 minutes before the first marathoners approached. I was ecstatic to see Walt coming in 5th. He looked to be struggling a little but you could see his determination.

Riding the pain train.

Yay, he sees us but then again, I’m yelling like a crazy person!

Check out those legs as Walt rounds the corner to the finish!

Man, I’m digging this new camera lens Walt bought me for my birthday! He is so clear!

He did it! He placed 5th overall!

We had a long wait for the award ceremony to begin so we walked around the expo, let the kids bounce in the bounce house again, enjoyed music, free pizza and beverages. And I took a ton of pictures with my new lens! :)

Lily recently started giving “real” hugs. Before she would just lean in and let you hug her, now she wraps her arms around you and squeezes you! She gives them out of no where when she feels so inclined. It’s sweet and we all love to get them as you can see from her brother’s face. Love it!!

Update: Jacob looks bored but he is actually singing to the music. Those are my flip flops. Lucky for him they are black but they are also 3 (or 4) sizes to big.

Walt with the legendary “Mayor of Running” Bart Yasso.

Walt won a sweet beer mug and $100.
{He is ready to quit his day job and start a new career.} :)

Trip Home

The trip home involved a lot of crying!! Lily was exhausted and cried herself to sleep every time we stopped which was often since Walt and I were drinking lots of fluids (him to replenish and me due to pregnancy). It was great when we finally arrived home!

To Walt: Congratulations on your win!! You worked hard and you deserved it! I’m proud of you and your dedication. I know it’s not always easy to commit to your plan and run the miles at 6 am or for 3 hours on weekends but you pushed through it and all that work helped you push through your last couple of miles.

We love you!

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  1. Melissa says:

    omg!!!!!! he came in 5th overall!!! i didn’t know this….that is AMAZING!!!! i’m infinitely envious!!!! infinitely!!!!! the pictures of lily are absolutely beautiful! and why didn’t you get a picture of jacob w/ your flip flops on?!?! :) hilarious.

  2. Crystal says:

    Way to go, Walt! That’s awesome! Love the pics with your new lens. And ditto, wish you had gotten a shot of Jacob in your flip flops – too funny!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Crystal, It’s the CommentLuv. It posts your most recent post for others to see. You can uncheck that option but I like it because it’s shows your latest post and provides an easy link to it. Thanks for visiting and congrats again on your Blogiversary and the exciting news that BHG is going to feature you!!!

  3. Ashley Guyer says:

    Wow! I am so proud of my cousin! That is awesome…And I never knew he had leg muscles like that! hahah! Love you all very much!

  4. Sue says:

    What great photos of your amazing journey. Congrats Walt….you did it!!! I actually cried viewing all these pics with your new camera Angela…the photo of Walt and Lily sitting on the curb and her hugging him and her loving brother Jacob….and of course the run dedicated to Walt’s friend. He was looking down Walt with a big smile!! You all are very brave to undertake such a trip, pregnant,a not yet very active two year old, etc. Stay safe and take care…Sue

  5. Mom/Grandmommy & Dad/Papa says:

    Walt, Angela, Jacob, & Lily,
    We are soooo proud of you and happy for you! With everything else you have going (a beautiful family, job, and other pursuits), it is unbelievable the amount of dedication and hard work you put into running. Not to menition that behind every good man is a good wife. Way to go Angela. We love all the beautiful and warm pictures of Walt, Jacob, and Lily. We need more Angela pictures. We love ya’ll.

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