April Already?

I can’t believe it’s already April. I know I sound like a broken record but this month has flown by! This week/month has been busy! I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for your follower-ship and recap a few highlights!

This picture is our first rose bud this year! I snapped it in the midst of taking a front porch “before” photo.

Blog Features!!

The blog had several great features last week! Oddly enough, Bridal Guide online wanted to publish a photo from the blog. They were doing an article on a Snow White Themed Bridal shower and wanted to publish a picture of the caramel apples Jacob made last fall. Of course Jacob was excited to learn his apples were being featured.






The Decoupage Easter eggs I made at 4 in the morning were featured on Tatertots and Jello, The Frugal Girls and the Browy Blog.  The Spring Mantel was featured on Michelle Paige’s blog. Thank you all for sharing these projects with your readers!! I’m very flattered and I sincerely appreciation your consideration.

A special thanks to all readers. The blog received the most views to date in March which gets me even more excited because there is a lot planned for April as well!! Here are a few hints to what’s planned!

For starters, there will be more on this. :) The blue I used {Krylon’s Catalina Mist} is sold out so I thought I’d go with a few reader suggestions and try something bolder. The first yellow I tried was a horrific bright, neon, mustard yellow so I tried a more subtle Sun Yellow for the second coat. I like the pop in color so this may be the winner – more to come!!

I plan to DIY Tea Towels {inspiration via Pinterest}

And paint/stencil a bookcase {inspiration via Pinterest}


And try these deep dish cookies from The Sweet Spot!! Within minutes of pinning these on Pinterest, over 200 people repinned them!! I guess I’m not the only one with a sweet tooth!

Other things on my April to-do list, freshing up our backyard and deck, revive our garden, re-design Jacob’s bedroom, repurpose lots of furniture as we prepare a nursery and maybe try to paint a rug and/or curtains. YAY! Can’t wait!

Family Update

Jacob had a haircut – finally!! Too bad it was after picture day at school!

On Saturday, Jacob flew down to Florida to visit family for spring break. He has been flying unaccompanied for almost 2 years now so it’s become pretty routine. But this trip he asked the flight attendant if he could have a first class seat and much to his surprise she obliged. He was so excited!! It goes to show it never hurts to ask! P.S. I’ve never even flown first class!!!!!

Lily has been impressing us with her speech explosion. She now has 150+ words. She is speaking in sentences “Layla, back-up/sit down/stop that” {Lily’s a bossy thing}, “Come here daddy”, “Jacob, let’s go”, “Uh-oh, I dropped it”, “I love you”, “Baby kick {when she puts her hands on my belly}” etc. Her teachers call her the third teacher in the class because she watches after the other children and cleans up after everyone. She has to make sure everything is in it’s proper place. I noticed this week she talks to herself when we put her to bed. This weekend, we flipped her car seat to face forward and it was a whole new world to her. She has been shrieking (literally) with excitement at everything she can see {lights, airplanes, cars, birds}. She says “bye, bye” as the objects leave her view.

Lily using her pacifier as a teether. We think her molars may be coming in but no sighting of them yet.

Lily watching Sesame Street with Elmo.

Lily playing outside with Daddy while mommy was at Ikea shopping for Jacob’s room.

What else? The pregnancy is going well. I can tell I’m entering the next trimester because my symptoms are changing. I’ve started suffering from heartburn after everything I eat and my belly feels like it’s doubled in size. The baby is measuring several centimeters ahead of schedule, with Jacob weighing 10.4 and Lily 8.15 at birth, this is no surprise. The doctors’ are encouraging another C-section which is tentatively set for July 6.

Walt is still taking it easy with his run schedule. He just met with his coach this weekend so he will be back in the swing of training before long. In the meantime, he has been enjoying March madness (although his Tarheel’s lost) and family time.

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  1. Melissa says:

    jacob got first class!!! that is awesome!!! although now he will never want to go back! ang, you should see what else jacob’s cute dimples are capable of achieving in “upgrades”!!! lily’s outfits are adorable…

    • guyerfamily says:

      No kidding Mel! I haven’t even flown first class! Can you believe that Lily picked out those boots for that dress in the last photo. I would have never thought to pair them. She has her own style. Tonight she went to bed in a bathroom, diaper, socks and tennis shoes. :)

  2. Sue says:

    You have some very creative and smart children! Way to go Jacob! AND Lily….you are so smart keeping everyone in line and picking out your own shoes, etc. at such an early age. Love the photos of Jacob and Lily and the Rose Bud is beautiful. Yeah for the yellow choice on your furniture. That look so fresh and clean….great contrast. TAke care of YOU….Sue

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