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This week we are 26 weeks pregnant. If it weren’t for the BabyCenter app on my phone, I’d have no idea where we were in this pregnancy. We are trying hard not to get so caught up with our daily lives that we don’t enjoy this miraculous journey, but sometimes things get crazy. That said there are several things throughout the day that help me remember like at work, when Baby #3 will press on something that makes me think I’m going to pee in my pants – that’s always a fun wake up call.

What I Wore this week at 26 weeks Prego – Casual Maternity Wear

I scored these awesome Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans at the Consignment sale a couple of weeks ago. These jeans are normally $180 new and I got them used for $15. Yeah, baby!! The shirt is from Motherhood (link below). It’s the only maternity item I’ve bought new this pregnancy and I think I already need a bigger size! I saw it in a magazine and thought it was cute. When I saw it was on sale, I couldn’t resist ordering it!

In streamlining my closet I got rid of a few maternity items as well. I’m trying to incorporate a mix of maternity and non-maternity wear to stretch my wardrobe. I thought I’d share a few tips for any first time mother’s to be.

Maternity Wear Must Haves!

Before I go any further, keep in mind I’m striving for a minimalist lifestyle so these are the basics that I think are key necessities during pregnancy.

A waistband expander

via Amazon

A waistband expander will help you be able to stay in your favorite pair of jeans a little longer. You can wear this throughout and after your pregnancy.

A good pair of jeans!!!

Citizens of Humanity via Destination Maternity

It Jeans via A Pea in the Pod (currently on sale for $39.99)!!

I resisted spending money on jeans with my first pregnancy. Instead I just kept buying cheap jeans and never found anything I felt good in. Second time around a splurged a little and it was a worthwhile investment. I wore my jeans practically every day and a couple months after the baby was born. This is a very versatile piece that you can pair with a t-shirt or dress it up with a feminine blouse for an evening out. Now they have multiple panel options (i.e. no panel, demi panel, full panel). Try them all on and see what suits you. I would not recommend buying these the minute you find out you are pregnant, however. It’s likely that what fit you at 6 weeks may not fit at 36 weeks. I’d suggest waiting until you start to gain a little weight and notice a change in your midsection before taking the plunge.

Tanks and Tees

Gap Maternity

Destination Maternity


Ann Taylor Loft Maternity

A Pea in the Pod

Tanks are great for layering and for those warm summer days! I personally like ruche tees because they are a little more forgiving and flattering. I like that they help give you a little more shape so that you have a defined chest and belly versus just one large mid-section. That’s important for petite/shorter people like me.

 Wrap Dress

Destination Maternity

This is great piece that you can adjust as the baby grows and it’s something you may be able to wear post-pregnancy. Wrap dresses help differentiate your breasts from your belly, accentuating your feminine figure.

Comfortable Shoes

Sam Edelman Caper {photo via BabyCenter}

I’m a little cautious about buying shoes because my foot gets bigger during pregnancy but then returns to its normal size a couple months after birth so I don’t want to go crazy buying all new shoes. I usually buy a brown and black heel or flat for work and then a couple of pairs of sandals. I recently blogged about my new affection for Naturalizers! They are my pick this pregnancy. The key is making sure they are comfortable and keep in mind you may experience a little swelling as pregnancy progresses. Shopping at the end of the day when you feet may be a little swollen is a good test drive for comfort. Also, slip-ons are best! You’ll appreciate it as your belly grows when bending over becomes more challenging!

Basic Maternity Skirt or Slacks

If you work outside the house, I’d recommend a neutral pair of slacks and/or skirt. Either black, linen, white, grey or brown. I wear my black slacks several times a week! I am still wearing my non-maternity black skirt but I have a flowy, lose skirt from Old Navy that is great for hot summer days and weekends!



Destination Maternity

Old Navy



Dress Top

Ann Taylor Loft

Olian Maternity {photo via Babycenter}



A dress top comes in handy for work or those special occasions (like much needed date nights). It’s great to have something you can pair with jeans, slacks or a skirt. Accessorize it with a cardigan, jacket, scarf or chunky jewelry (all items listed under other suggestions below)!

 Body Oil or Lotion


bio oil available at Amazon

Another must have is a lotion or oil!!! There are several out there to choose from. Last pregnancy I used something I found at Babies R Us because it smelled great but it didn’t really work. I still had stretch marks and my stomach was pretty itchy as my skin stretched. My doctor’s office recommends Cetaphil. I agree it’s a great product and I use it as an overall moisturizer. This time I’m trying Bio Oil and so far I’m pleased. It’s fast absorbing and no new stretch marks or itchiness yet! Click here for other recommendations.

Other suggestions

Well-fitting under garments are one of the keys to a comfortable pregnancy. That said you don’t necessarily have to purchase maternity. You can purchase larger sizes at discount prices if you prefer but make sure it’s supportive and comfortable!

Other must have items you need but don’t necessarily have to be maternity include a cardigan, workout clothes and accessories!!! Scarves, bracelets, necklaces are fun items to add to your wardrobe that help you feel better about your pregnancy outfits and won’t break the budget. Forever 21, Target, Old Navy and doscount stores like Ross, TJMaxx and Marshalls all have cute trendy accessories for reasonable prices.

Nice to have items or climate/seasonal items are a tunic, swimsuit, shorts, outerwear and leggings.

Hope you enjoy! What maternity must have would you recommend?

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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these great outfits. They have such cute fashions now for mothers to be. Also the helpful hints. I love Cetaphil and use it all the time. You look great in your bargain outfit…yeah for you!! Waiting for more updates as you take this journer with Baby #3….Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sue, I agree, maternity wear has come a long way even in the last decade. I didn’t have any of this with Jacob. I giggle at the photos from that pregnancy. Hope things are getting better with you!!

  2. Julie S says:

    My favorite maternity wear was definitely tanks and tees, roomy pants, and an awesome pair of jeans. It is amazing how a nice pair of jeans makes you feel! You look great!

    Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Danielle, I don’t think you can hear that enough when you’re pregnant. I feel anything but cute but I’m determined to keep trying. I loved your skinny jeans and lace top! Thanks for stopping by!!

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