Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter! We had a great weekend! Jacob is back from Florida and Lily and Layla couldn’t be more excited!! Walt and I enjoyed a good balance of downtime and productivity. Gotcha loved those weekends!

Here are a few pictures of our weekend starting with the kids Easter egg hunting.

The kids woke up to filled Easter baskets. Jacob received a Battleship board game, Scrabble card game, peeps, candy and an egg with $10. Lily had bath toys, bubbles, peeps and fruit gummy snacks.

(Easter baskets are from Personal Creations available prior to Easter.)

After brunch, the children hunted Easter eggs in our yard. Lily was a little slow in understanding what was going but after help with an egg or two she took off running chasing Jacob to see what she could find.

Lily hunting Easter eggs.

Daddy helping Lily pick up eggs that fell out of her basket when she was running.

Below is Jacob searching for the last Easter egg. When asked if he was to old to Easter hunt he said “no way, you can never be too old to hunt Easter eggs.” We’ll see how he feels about it next year.

Lily tasting the bubbles. She blows bubbles all the time but this is the first time she tried to eat them and Walt was lucky to get a quick photo. (Those are band-aids on her knee not scabs.)

I like to bake sweets for special occasions and this time I tried iced sugar cookies.

This weekend was packed with shopping, cleaning and outdoor chores so I used a packaged sugar cookie mix but made the icing using this Food.com recipe. How I iced the cookies? You need icing, food coloring, toothpicks and either a squeeze bottle or a pastry bag and pastry tip.

If you want an icing with more of a matte finish then I would suggest trying something without the corn syrup like this Martha Stewart recipe.

1. Outline the cookie, 2. Zigzag icing within the outline, 3. Using a toothpick spread the icing within the outline, 4. Shake the cookie a little to help even out the icing and let it dry.

The kids loved them so the cookies disappeared pretty quickly.

What a great family weekend!! We all had a blast!! Jacob claimed it was his best Easter yet even though Walt beat him in a game of Battleship. The weather was great so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing, eating dinner, getting projects done. Walt prepped the garden and cleared leaves off the roof and gutters. I bought a few cute finds at my first antique show, I think I settled on a design plan for Jacob’s room (which I hope to share later this week), and I painted the patio table.

How was your Easter? Did you have an enjoyable, productive or relaxing weekend?

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  1. Sue says:

    Ohhhh…I am loving ALL of it!!! Such great photos of Lily and Jacob and such fun. So happy the weather was good and you all had a great time together….many memories to hold on to through the years!! Thanks for sharing your family…Sue

  2. Melissa says:

    oh, wow….jacob is turning into a young man. wow! i absolutely love that kid!!!! and lily is seriously gorgeous! she’s beautiful!!!! the easter baskets looked great, angie!!! great job!!!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Mel, I’ve looked at the photos several times and I agree Jacob is changing. I keep thinking any day now his voice will start cracking and he will be driving (yikes!!!). I love photos of Lily outdoors. She loves nature and it comes out in every outdoor photo!

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