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I “think” I have a plan for Jacob’s room! Finally!! It’s been over a month since we sold his furniture (it sold faster than I expected) and now he can finally get his clothes off the floor and out of boxes!!

Our soon to be 11 year old wanted a space that was trendy and teen and with us losing the playroom/guestroom to Baby #3 we needed somewhere to put his gaming systems and he needed a place for him to hang out with his friends.

Jacob has been out of town visiting family in Florida for spring break. The break from helping with homework (and not going to bed until 1 am) has given me time to get a few more things accomplished. I went through all my Pinterest inspirations for his room and considered what I liked about the inspiration and why. That helped me narrow down the selection. Once I decided what I wanted in his room, I searched the internet for reasonable pieces to meet the qualities I was looking for.This is what I’ve settled on so far. Of course as always this is subject to change (and already has!) :)

Here are a few pictures of the inspiration.


The PotteryBarn inspiration above is a space saver. It has a bed, desk, bookcase and storage all in the space a full size bed would take. If it weren’t for the price, this would be hard to pass up.


Jacob is into skateboarding so the theme of this image suits him. I have to find a way to incorporate these skateboard shelves. Also Jacob is hard on his belongings so I like the idea of the industrial locker style furniture.


I loved the rustic wood wall, dark chest and the geometric rug in this photo (none of which made into the design but maybe for the next boy).


I love the organized and old-fashion feel of this room. I like the neutral colors and the rustic ‘locker room’ feel for a boy. The problem is this is probably more my style than Jacob’s. While I think it’s cool, he thinks it’s old school.


Metal furniture seems to be in right now. I’ve always preferred wood but I’m slowly wrapping my head around metal. It seems durable, economical and stylish for a boy’s tween/teen boy’s bedroom! I love the pops of orange against the grey. I have to find a way to incorporate orange!


While I love the organization of the room above, there is NO way Jacob will be able to keep it clean. He has to have closed storage for sure! However, I like the blue, grey color scheme and the full wall decor.


More metal, lockers, grey/blue colors and sports theme. I see a pattern here! I’d like Jacob to have extra bedding for guests, but I’m not sure I need it full time. Maybe a futon, couch or sofa bed chairs are better for our needs?


I like how this room is accessorized. I like the map behind the bed, the reclaimed piece of wood acting as a hat rack, the framed jersey and striped rug. It would be great if we could get his bike in his room!! Without a garage is seems to never make it to the shed and just rusts in the outdoor elements.


Hmmm, another option may be to put the two bookcases we have in the playroom on either side of his bed. That would give him more storage! I also like the idea of pulling his bed away from the wall and attaching lights to the bookcases.

After all that contemplation, this is what I settled on. The problem is I’m not sure how it will fit in his room?

I decided on the metal frame loft bed because it was less expensive so even if he decides in 4-5 years he doesn’t want a loft bed, we got our money’s worth. It will also help him keep his room clean because it’s more open and dust and dog hair can’t hide under the bed – yay!! I ordered this piece from Walmart which should arrive this weekend (scratch that it’s on delay) sometime later this month so the wheels are in motion!

The sofa bed is small and practical (and $149 at Ikea). It is great for lounging and playing video games yet, it provides another bed for overnight guests.

I’m also pulling in the orange that I really wanted with rug and pillows! Can’t wait to see how this comes together! More to come in the next few weeks!

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  1. Julie says:

    😛 You have found some awesome inspiration I think you have a flair for design if you are not already a designer!!1

  2. Sue says:

    I love it…the bed is upstairs and his desk, etc downstairs. It also gives a warm feeling of having his space all together. Very good choices with the colors and it does not look cluttered. Kudos to you….Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Al, I think you are right. Jacob made a comment about that too. And it’s a bit pricey at $120. It’s license plate pieces so I thought it was cool. I’ll keep looking.

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