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Brace yourself!! Are you ready for this???

It's May 1?? Can you believe it? It seems like just a couple of days a go I was saying that about April!! Time is flying by! My husband and I are always talking about how the kids are growing up so fast! At daycare, our daughter moved to the 2 year old room (3 months early) and her development is exploding!! She loves being with the big kids they absolutely fascinate her. She is coming out of her shell and embracing her individuality! In just 6 weeks, Jacob will in a rising 6th grader! And in a blink of an eye (less than 10 weeks away) we are going to have another little one joining our family {gasp}!

Ok, now for the point of this post – rugs.

Our dog likes to destroy ours. She digs holes in them. I've started taking that into considered and adjusting my rug purchases but we still have high pile or loop rugs she is determined to ruin and one of them is in Lily's room and it was time to replace it. Most of the rugs I want are $300+ and right now it's not worth me spending that much and risk wanting to kill our dog (or my husband for leaving the door open and allowing the dog in there).

So bottom line, I decided to purchase a flatwoven Ikea rug and attempt to create my inspiration with paint. Sounds crazy, I know, but I've seen a few other bloggers successfully do this like Tatertots and Jello

and The House of Smiths.

But mine was a disaster!!! I wanted a Moroccan style rug like the one below from Pottery Barn (which is no longer available) only pink.

I found this moroccan pattern online and created a template out of cardboard.

I mixed my paint 1 part fabric medium and 2 parts paint in an old baby food jar so I could seal it if I didn't finish.

I started by tracing the template onto the rug but it was taking so long that I decided to skip the tracing and just paint it using the stencil, this is where things went awry. I ended up getting a little confused with the pattern and left too much space between a couple of patterns.

Not sure how to fix the mistake, I needed a new plan or to call it quits.

At minimum, I could call this a learning experiment and try another idea. I decided to do stripes instead and to use a quilt Lily's great grandmother gave her as my new inspiration for color.

I started by taping portions of the rug. I assumed I would have to paint over my mistake so I purchased a white/ivory color to try to cover up the error.

I started by using a roller brush but I felt I could get a better coat if I used a brush. It got into the crevices a little bed.

I sanded the rug between coats because it was a little stiff. After the second coat dried, I removed the painters tape and taped the areas that still needed to be painted.  After I was done painting, I ironed it per the instructions of the fabric medium. I had to move quickly to avoid the paint melting off onto the iron. This step is more important if you plan to wash the item. I probably could have skipped it since this rug is not supposed to be laundered but it was my first time working with fabric medium so I was just doing what the bottle . Lastly, I sprayed it with Scotch guard.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the rug?? The blue stands out way more than I expected and it may need another stripe on one end to balance it out. However, Lily likes to name the different colors and it's great that it was much less than anything I was considering buying! I'm debating on whether to try Tatertots and Jello's grey striped rug for the baby's room or just buy the next one?!?

Products used include, Ikea Erslev rug, various latax and acrylic paint colors to match Lily's decor, fabric medium (Martha Stewart), paint brush, baby jars, scotch guard and sand paper or sanding block.

Have you painted or considered painting a rug? How did it work out for you?

Thanks for visiting with me today!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Angela, I think it looks great! I’ve thought about painting a rug (for a similar reason – my dog pees on every new rug we get). I wasn’t sure how the paint would wear over time. Keep me posted and I might give it a try.

  2. Sue says:

    I have never tried to paint a rug but yours looks great. You could put another blue strip on the other side of the pink but you did good!! I saw a great recipe the other day using M&M’s…thought about you…..Sue

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