Happy Mother’s Day and Tea Cup Candles

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day. I don’t like the attention of birthdays or Mother’s Day but I love any reason to get out of our routine and celebrate with family! Whether or not your are a mom, I hope you did something special for yourself!


We went to brunch as a family, my husband treated me to a much needed pedicure from a place I would never pay to go without a gift card and my kids showered me with do-it-yourself gifts – how perfect!

Jacob made me these tissue paper flowers (and he hates arts and crafts)!!

Last week Centsational Girl posted 20 creative ideas for Mother’s Day and I loved them all. Her post was full of great DIY inspiration for gifts or just yourself!!

I sent a couple of ideas to Walt to see what he thought about giving DIY gifts to our mothers. Surprisingly he was on board so I jumped right in and decided to do the tea cups candles! The ones Centsational Girl featured were so beautiful that I would love to have one for my own kitchen, bedroom or bath!

I popped over to a couple of neighborhood antique stores I’d been wanting to check out and luckily I found a couple of darling tea cups for just a few bucks.  I wanted something with character and age so this was perfect! You can always check out Target for modern mugs or a discount store like Steinmart, TJ Maxx or Homegoods for a unique find.

I used microwaveable soy wax, wicks, an Apple Blossom scent (all from Michaels) and an antique tea cup. Not counting the time it takes the wax to dry, this project took about 15-20 minutes!

First wash and dry your tea cup.

I played around with the wax measurements. I started by using about 1 cup of wax for two tea cups. I had to heat up a little more to reach the volume I wanted.

Next, I positioned the wick and wrapped the excess around a stirrer to help hold the wick in place.

Heat the wax in a microwavable pourer. I used a pyrex measuring cup. I heated the wax for about a minute, checked and stirred it and heated it for another 30 seconds. The packaging should provide you target temperatures if you are using a candle thermometer. I just microwaved the wax until it was a clear liquid.

I added a couple of drops of the Apple Blossom scent. I started small to make sure I didn’t create an overpowering scent (you can always add more but it’s more difficult to dilute it if you overdo it).

Pour the wax into your tea cup. It will take 30-60 minutes to harden.

Once the wax has hardened, trim the wick and then you can light the candle and enjoy the results!

We gave one to my mother-in-law and I ended up giving my second candle to my sweet 80 year old neighbor for Mother’s day so now I need to find more tea cups so I can make myself one!

I guess I can add candle maker to my DIY resume! Next time I’ll try tinting the wax.

Here are a few other pics from our weekend.

The American flag at the starting line of the Twilight run – a race my husband and Jacob both ran on Friday night.

The starting line.

Race is officially underway.

Lily dazed and confused as she searches and shouts for “Daddy and Ja-up” (translation Jacob).

About 17 minutes after the race started, Walt rounds the corner for the final stretch.


Lily goes wild cheering him on “GO DADDY, GO DADDY, RUN!!!”

Jacob finished the race under 27 minutes!

Lily waves her family down. It was a bit chilly so she is wearing her dad’s shirt.

Finally Lily shows how proud she is of her big brother as she runs to give him a hug!

Oh yeah, and Walt shaved his facial hair. It took everyone except Lily a little while to get used to it but I think he looks handsome. He is already regretting it and planning to let it grow back out when he is on paternity leave.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Sue says:

    I love your tea cup candles.  Such a neat idea.  Thanks for sharing the run pics with us.   Lily is quite the little cheer leader.  Such a sweet picture of her and Jacob.  How could anyone not run the extra mile knowing she would be waiting for you at the finish line!!!   I am glad you were pampered and polished for Mother's Day…..Sue

  2. Elena lopez says:

    I just love how you write–you make it so… Interesting! I love you and your family–they are fun. I'd like to develop a book about you'll. Titles: lily; jacob; lily and Jacob; after school adventurers; lily and Jacob on vacation; etc. what do you think??

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sounds cool!! Do we get royalties? 😉

      Mom, I'm going to sign you up for blog email updates. Once I sign you up, you can select the different categories you want to receive like Family and Decorating.

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