Spring Family Photos Arrived!!!!!!

I'm so far behind on sharing projects we are working on but I can't resist!! We got our Family Photo CD yesterday and I'm bursting at the seams to share a few photos with everyone! I purchased a Living Social package that included a 90 minute on-site session with a local photographer. We loved working with her and I'm enamored with results! I'll warn you, I added a lot of photos this time around! I hope you enjoy them!

Pictures of the Kids

Lily was just going around and around the pole and Chelsi snapped this adorable photo!

Jacob just kind of wandered off on his own and she got this great photo of him in the grass!

It took Lily about 5-10 minutes to warm up. She stayed very close to Jacob during that time and copied his actions. After that, she  literally ran wild the rest of the session.

Love Jacob's smile in this one!

Mom and Dad

There were a few times we just cracked up during our husband/wife photos. This one was after a kiss when we realized we may have gotten carried away :)

Family Pictures

This was actually our first photo. I think it's cute Lily is kind of hiding.

It would have been great to have the stair step in height but Lily wasn't leaving my side.

Lily wouldn't cooperate for the family photos so here, I snatched her up while she was running by and everyone ran together to take a quick shot.


Various Photos of Family

I noticed half way through Lily was getting blisters so she went the rest of the session sans sandals.

I hate self portraits right now because I feel so huge but I'm glad we did these maternity photos. It will be great to look back at them one day with the kiddos.

They absolutely adore each other!! I hope that lasts forever!!

To know where we got our outfits, click here. Photos are courtesy Chelsi Kristine Photography.

Thanks for visiting!! Happy Sunday!!

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    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Sterling!! I was pleasantly surprised! I think it made a world a difference that most of them were not orchestrated and we all just went with the flow! Thanks for stopping by!!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Melissa!! It's nice to hear that because I don't feel that way! I appreciate you visiting the blog! I had no idea you had a blog so I'm looking forward to check it out more!

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