What I Wore – Prego Weeks 28-33

I’m really trying not to buy anything new for this pregnancy. At times it’s fun and challenging and at other times (like 7:30 in the morning when I can’t find anything to wear) it’s frustrating! I also struggle posting pictures of myself 35 pounds heavier than normal. However, the pregnancy is going fast and I decided to capture the good, bad and the ugly to have the memories since this is our last pregnancy (if my husband and I have anything to do with it). I’m digging deep in the closet and still doing a combo of maternity and non-maternity wear.

Since I haven’t posted a What I Wore in several weeks, these photos are ‘What I Wore’ outfits that span the last 4-5 weeks.


To baseball game on the weekend. I cut an old pair of maternity jeans, top is Gap maternity, crop sweater Banana Republic Factory.

Striped tee is from Forever 21, khaki pants are from Gap Maternity, heels are from Target and wrap top is Milk and Honey.

For Mother’s Day brunch. Dress is Forever 21, camisole is Banana Republic, cardigan is from Target, necklace yard sale and adorable red flats (not pictured) were BCBG Generations (TJMaxx).

Motherhood maternity pants, Banana Republic top (non-maternity that I’m busting out of), black Payless pumps and an adorable baby girl that wanted mommy time after a long day at daycare..

This is probably the only top I kept from my pregnancy with Jacob 11 years ago. Top, Motherhood Maternity; slacks, Gap Maternity, Cardigan from TJMaxx; black Payless pumps; jewelry, Banana Republic.

And that brings us to this week. Now I’m starting to really look huge and the baby is running out of room! I played with bright and cheery colors to hopefully uplift my mood.

To work: same white slacks as above; yellow jersey tee from TJMaxx; pink Mossimo Boyfriend cardigan from Target; Shoes, Tahari, Off Broadway. I’m starting to slack off a little and go more casual and comfy and notice there are several pony tails.

After work baseball game: Tank, Kohls; Shorts, Motherhood; Cropped sweater, Banana Republic Factory

I finally removed my wedding ring this week. I’m actually glad I was able to wear it until now! I’m starting to get a little swollen. I bought this Marlyn Schiff stretch ring from zulily to wear until my fingers return to their normal size. It’s a lot of bling for $6.99. Lily noticed it right away and claimed it “mine” and tried to take it off my finger. I was surprised she noticed the difference.

I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant this Thursday. That leaves 5 weeks until our scheduled c-section. We decided to have Lily’s birthday in a couple of weeks before the arrival of baby #3 so that and finishing Jacob’s room is keeping me busy. It is all happening so fast my head is spinning but we are all very excited!

{5/23 Update: I had a doctor appointment today and I’m actually only 33 weeks on Thursday so all the photos are off by a week – bummer. I keep getting confused because our c-section is a week before the due date. The baby is starting to pick up some weight of his own as he is now measuring a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so he may be a big baby yet.}

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