Whirlwind Recap of Randomness

I'm not sure which surprises me most, that it's the last day of May already or that it's been over a week since I've posted an entry or even visited a blog (my own or anyone elses). We are busy planning Jacob's summer break, preparing for Lily's early birthday party and decluttering/ rearranging for baby #3 (still nameless). We have been so busy with projects that I haven't had a chance to take a break to share much about anything.

Ready for the whirlwind recap of the random ongoings of our household?

I'll start with Jacob

Jacob wrapped up baseball last night. His team finished the season with a losing record and they lost their first game in the tournament but the boys had a lot of fun and their skills progressed throughout the season. Jacob had a chance to play several different positions (including pitcher) but his favorite were outfield and catching. He passed his end-of-grade tests and he graduates 5th grade next Thursday! To celebrate, he is planning a sleepover this weekend and we are still seeing if we can pull off a fun surprise for him {fingers crossed}.


Because Jacob leaves for Florida the last three weeks of June and Lily's birthday is a week after baby #3 is due, we are throwing her birthday party early – next week. Below are pictures that inspired the decorations for her Elmo turned Sesame Street themed party. I've had fun working a little each night on decorations. I look forward to sharing some tutorials soon!

image source: cupcakes, gift bags, napkins, lanterns, cake pops, invitations (Etsy store no longer open)

Also, since I swapped out her soft and subtle existing rug for the bold painted rug, I decided to make a few other changes to make the space more cohesive. The changes are minor since her room will move with the renovations and they have actually taken the back seat to other projects but here is a sneak peak of a small change I LOVE!!!

The pom poms and lanterns are inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley from Under the Sycamore. The are fun, festive and feminine! I didn't think I could pull them off in any other room but they work great in Lily's room and they tie the turquoise in her previously all green and pink nursery nicely!

Our House

The design/build process is taking a little longer than we expected because of our hectic schedules so we decided to proceed with setting up an interim nursery for baby #3. This means we aren't going to sell our playroom furniture or repaint the walls (just yet). Instead we are shifting the furniture around to other areas of the house to free up space for a crib. In doing so, I've repainted several pieces of furniture which was not nearly as fun as the party decorations and being 8 months pregnant it has taken a lot longer than I expected. However, I'm looking forward to sharing the results of our little musical furniture game.


But it's not been all work and no play! We have enjoyed dinners on our back deck (which is also getting a facelift), smores by our neighbor's fire pit, and picnicking at the airport overlook so the kids could watch the planes (which Lily loves) arrive and depart.

Walt is actually planting flowers since I can't really bend over.

Lily "talking" to a neighbor friend through a hole in the fence. The husbands have talked about just adding a connecting gate to make it easier. One of the best thing about where we live are the awesome neighbors!

Kids hanging out eating freeze pops.

Lily playing at the baseball playground – wow she is getting so big!

Walt testing a tree limb to make sure it can support a swing for Lily.

Kids at airport watching planes come and go. Lily was wearing pull ups for the first time and she didn't want any shorts on so we just went with it. :) Sorry Mom!

Lily would just shriek with excitement at every plane sighting!

Walt and I were also able to escape the kids and household responsibilities for an evening and enjoy a nice night away! We agreed that we definitely need more of these!

Blurry self portrait iphone pic from date night.

More next week on all the DIY projects!!! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Looks like you are doing a great job with ALL OF YOUR TASKS!!   Watching the planes take off and land is such a wonderful and free past time and what fun.  Did not know anyone every did anything like these days.  I love hot air ballooning and could watch that for hours if I could find them anymore.  I rode in one and that was quite a trip.  Lily is really enjoying her independence.  Have fun in JAX Jacob….and Happy Birthday early LILY.  Walt's garden is doing well…he is such a neat guy.  I think you should keep him.  Hope you are doing OK….not long now.  Thanks for sharing your life….Sue

  2. guyerfamily says:

    Lily just absolutely loves watching planes and they are so much larger at the airport. At first she was overwhelmed by the noise but after the 3rd plane she would just shout "AIRPLANE" and everyone around was amused by her excitement. I can't believe you road in a hot air balloon. That sounds fun! I'm scard of heights so I don't think I could ever do that.

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