Our Back Deck Seating and Dining

My husband and I love to spend time outdoors especially now with the mild summer weather Charlotte is having. We spend our weekend mornings on the front porch eating breakfast with the kids, reading the paper, or watching them play while we enjoy our morning coffee and our evenings having dinner on our back deck.

We have been slowly adding, maintaining and updating the furniture in these spaces over the past couple of years and while we still have some work to do, I wanted to share some of pictures of our back deck that was our primary party set up for Lily’s party.

My favorite part is the seating area right off our master bedroom. We spent many evenings last summer enjoying a nice glass of wine when the kids went to bed. I’m looking forward to doing that again once Baby #3 is born.

The patio furniture is 5 years old from Kohl’s. If you catch it on sale and have a coupon then it can be a complete steal!

The throw pillows are from Home Depot (see beachside striped pillows here). The Venetian patio rug is from Target.

On my to-do list (post baby), is to wash the cushions and paint the metal because it’s starting to rust in some areas. We also need a coffee table and end table or two.

I plan to make a pallet coffee table and I’m on the lookout for a wine barrel or crate for an end table.

We spend most of our time is at the table and chairs.

Not only does our family eat here on a regular basis, but it’s where Jacob would do his homework at times, where I do some of my projects, where Lily sits and tries to blow bubbles or watches our neighbors (when she isn’t talking to them through a hole in or fence) and where Walt entertains company.

The furniture is from Ikea. What I like about the table is both sides expand so we can quickly accommodate a larger crowd with little effort. The umbrella is a new add this summer from Walmart and it makes a world of difference. We had to cut our 70+ foot diseased tree down a couple of summers ago so we have been short on shade in the evenings. The umbrella makes it much more enjoyable.

The Melodie Multi Cherry pillow is from Home Depot.

What’s missing? A couple more chairs. I’m thinking of doing something mismatched like these white bertoia style wire chairs…

via Pinterest 

or these galvanized ones?

via Pinterest 

I would also like a couple of more pillows (although they always end up on the ground) and to hang these lanterns and globe lights.

More on these DIY lanterns later.

But before I wrap up I wanted to share a quick tutorial on reviving your wood patio furniture. We’ve had our table a year and already it was looking weathered so I thought I’d attempt to restain it. This was a lot easier than I expected.

Reviving aging outdoor wood furniture

Start by cleaning the furniture of dirt and debris.

Paint or stain or glaze the wood. A little stain goes a long way so tap the excess product off the brush before applying. Also have an old rag or paper towel available to wipe away any excess stain you apply to the surface. You want to make sure to wipe off any bubbles, otherwise, they will appear once it’s dried.

The stain I used was from Ikea. It was only $7.99 and I still have half a bottle left.

Below is a Before and After picture.

It’s not a drastic change but it’s better right? It appears newer and is richer in color. Now we need to do the deck. I’m holding out in hopes for a great Groupon.

Do you have a favorite outdoor space? Or what summer projects are on your list? I love hearing what others are up to! Leave a comment and let me know!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you back and please leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    I love your deck.  Glad  the weather has been cooperative so you can spend some "happy hours" together.  Wish I could be there to share a glass of wine with you.  Take care…..Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Sue!!! How has the weather been in Florida? Jacob is down there now and he seems to be having a good time! So good that I don’t hear from him much. Wish you lived here too!! Would love to do a happy hour and I’d love for you to see Lily in action!

      Take Care,

  2. Jane says:

    Love your furniture! My hubby just cleaned our screened porch chair cushions with "Purple Power" and they turned out great. I was seriously considering pitching them in favor of new ones. Where did you find your outdoor rug?

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Jane!! I’m with you! I was ready to trash the cushions but new ones are so expensive you might as well just buy new furniture. I’ve used X14 in the past but it’s not always easy to find. I’ll have to check out Purple Power. Thanks for the tip! And can I hire your husband while I’m at it! :)

      The rug is a recent purchase from Target! Thanks for asking!! I forgot to mention that. So are the jute door mats.

      Talk to you soon!

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