Daddy’s Little Girl

It looks like Lily just may be following in her daddy's footsteps. I know it's too soon to tell and her daddy promises not to push her {too hard} but today Lily ran her first race. It was a "Fun Run" for kids. These runs can be any where from 50 yards to a mile and they are untimed. This particular race is about a third of a mile. We were both concerned it would be a little long for a one year old three weeks and one day shy of turning two but we didn't care if she walked, wanted to be carried or even if she didn't finish. We just wanted to see if she was interested. She loves to go on runs with her Daddy (in the jogger) and to chase after her big brother so we tested the waters.

She ran/walked the whole way without being carried. She laughed and smiled and chased her daddy. She even sweetly yelled at me, "Com'on mommy" when I trailed behind to take pictures or video tape her. For the most part, it seemed like she enjoyed it. She got distracted as she discovered her shadow. She seemed quite fascinated by this dark figure that followed her. And every time we thought she was giving up and ready to be carried she found a burst of energy to push her 10-20 more steps.

The results…She finished!!

She finished last by several minutes but she received several cheers and encouragement as others couldn't believe this 2 foot toddler was running this race. We were definitely proud parents!! She is a tough cookie, a little firecracker as I sometimes call her. I think some of it has to do with having an older brother and some of it is just her personality. She is inquisitive and strategic and has to do things herself.

Following the race (and a nap) she attended her first  second birthday party.

The bug themed party was adorable!! I wish I took more pictures of the party itself. All the food was named after insects, they had bug tattoos, a table set up where the kids could dig for bugs for their bug jars, 'bug' cupcakes and cake, and goodies bags filled with bug gummies. They had several water activities which were a perfect relief from the hot day. My pictures were mostly of Lily. She is a little apprehensive of water but after studying the scene for 10 minutes she had the time of her life!

By the end of the party, she mastered the climbing wall and slide!

As I took the picture of Lily and her friends, I wondered what are they thinking as they sat there together. Do they have conversations? Do they think about each other after they part. I know Lily gets excited about seeing her friends but they still parallel play most of the time. Whatever is going on in those little toddler heads, I'm fascinated and enjoy having a front row seat. I love this journey of ours.

Oh, and Walt ran the 5k in 17:47. He came in 19th overall and won 3rd place in his age group. While I'm proud of him and the progress he has made year over year, he still wants to do better. I'm impressed that he continues to push himself and reset his goals to continue to improve. More to come on his progress as his races pick back up in the late Summer/early Fall.

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Great job Lily… are a winner in my eyes!!!   Glad that Mom and Dad are so supportive of you and your acitivities…what fun you are all having on your family journey.   Wish I lived closer so I could share also…Sue

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