Meet Parker Townes

Our family of four grew to a family of five at 12:42 pm ET on Friday, July 6 when we welcomed a little 9 pound 13 ounce boy into the world. We are so excited to introduce you to our newest addition Parker Townes!

Given his anticipated size and the fact he was still breach this delivery was a planned c-section.

Having experienced cesearans in the past, I knew what to expect and for that reason I was a little nervous. I was nervous about the operating room, the spinal block, the actual procedure and especially the recovery. Thankfully my husband was very supportive and understanding, I had a wonderful nurse anesthetist that got me through the hardest parts of the surgery and several great nurses (Elizabeth and Sara) that I can’t thank enough! 

I would have posted this sooner but I had a hard time narrowing the 200+ photos of our 5 day old {doing nothing} to a “reasonable” amount for this post.

So here we go starting with preparing for the birth and in the operating room…

So who does he look like? I can’t tell. Interestingly all three kids have a dimple in the exact same spot on their right cheek.

Mommy and baby

Father and son

I love baby hands and feet.

We are anxious to see what color eyes he’ll have as he grows.


We gave the kids gifts for becoming big siblings (again in Jacob’s case). They opened these gifts while the baby was undergoing his newborn bath and evaluation. As you can see below, Lily couldn’t wait to dress up. Jacob received an iTunes gift card.

“the sister”

When the baby arrived, Lily wanted to be ther first to hold the baby. That lasted 5 minutes before she was ready to “put the baby back” in the bassinet.

I love the next photo because Lily’s expression is priceless. It’s like she is already saying “why did you do this to me”?

When Jacob held the baby, Lily had to keep a close eye on him and make sure he was ok and that he was properly covered up.

Lily did not like the hospital bed at all so she was ready to leave pretty quickly. Thankfully Aunt Amanda and Grandmommy were there to watch the kids since I couldn’t get out of bed and Walt ran down to get a bite to eat.

The local grandparents.

We weren’t sure of a name. We had a list of 5-6 names but we (me) still struggled with making a decision. We crossed 3-4 off the list once we saw him but it wasn’t until Day 3 that we named the little guy. We both really pleased with the name but we aren’t sure what to call him. My husband was hooked on Townes for so long that it’s what the kids have been calling him so it’s been Parker Townes, Parker and Townes. We’ll see which one sticks.

For the most part, things went smoothly. They had a difficult time with the IV so I’m sporting a few intimidating bruises from two failed attempts. Lily enjoys using her Elmo boo boo buddy to make me feel better (an Elmo ice pack). I also have a little internal bruising due to scar tissue from the previous c-sections but I seem to be getting around a lot better than previous surgeries.

We’ve been home for a couple of days and we are loving it! Walt and I are both on a leave of absence. With the two other kids in summer programs/daycare, we have transitioned into parenting a newborn better than we expected. With the exception of my weight loss, things have going well. Somehow I had an almost 10 pound baby but only lost 6 pounds in the hospital. Between all the IV fluids and the multiple hospital desserts, I managed to gain weight after the baby was born – really??

Car ride home. Lily didn’t know the baby was in the car at first. She wasn’t used to having someone there. {Yes, our car is a little cramped with two kids in car seats.}

Lily moved to give her brothers hugs right when I snapped the photo. It’s blurry but I like it anyway.

And a few final pics that I found on the camera (courtesy Walt).

Thanks for the congratulatory wishes! We are very excited about this next chapter of our journey together. But not to worry, I have already completed a few small craft projects and I thing I have a theme for the baby’s room so stay tuned! {What can I say, Walt is back to his running schedule too}.

As always, thanks for visiting! We enjoyed you stopping by!! Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments!!!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I heard that your little guy was born a few days but, wasn't sure how to get in touch with you.  I'm so glad that the c-section went well and Parker is healthy! I wish you all the happiness with the little guy. (oh, and I can't believe how big Lilly got…she is adorable!) 
    Keep in touch,

  2. Crystal says:

    Congratulations! He is beautiful and I love the name. Lucky you (and Walt) for mat/pat leave. Almost makes me want another baby 😉 Good luck with a speedy recovery. 

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Crystal! I remember Walt and I thinking the same thing when we had Lily. We wanted to have another baby just to take the time off! It makes such a difference having both of us at home. Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Nina says:

    Oh wow…he is a cutie. I think he looks a little bit more like a Parker than a Townes, although I love both names. I love what a great big, caring, brother Jacob is too his two younger siblings, it’s much different than I remember growing up with mine (hence being locked in closets and chased around the house by Mel holding chicken parts!). Angela, Lily is finally beginning to resemble u and Mel a little bit in your baby pics now that she is getting older…can’t believe how much she has grown up and I love her sense of style with accessories. Really can’t wait to see all three kids at Philip’s wedding next week!

    • guyerfamily says:

      Thanks Nina for the comment! There are so many times I think Lily looks like Mel. She has quite the personality. Jacob is such a loving big brother. He is doing really well. He is in skate camp this week and loves it. I'll have to video tape him. You look great in that dress by the way!

  4. Sue Deege says:

    Congrats again.  He is adorable.  Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us.  Priceless!!  Sorry you had a few issues but grateful all is OK.  You will snap back soon enough and pretty soon you will telling us about your Insanity Workout routine!!!!  Yipes!!!   Can't wait for the next chapters to unfold.  Hugs to all…great job Walt.  I like the name Parker….Townes is very new to me but I know their is a reason for the that middle name….Sue

  5. Sharon Morris says:

    Hi Angela! What a beautiful new addtion to your family – looks like everyone is adjusting well to the new routine. I should have known that you had a robust family change management plan (oh, who am I kidding?! We all know that Parker Townes/Parker/Townes is running the show!). : )
    Enjoy this time concentrating on family. It goes by so quickly!

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