What’s Happening in Lily’s Room

The past couple of months, I've been tweaking Lily's nursery. She received an adorable quilt/comforter from her great grandmother and I've been updating her room to incorporate turquoise into her previously pink and green nursery. So far, the projects included

painting a rug,

replacing her mobile with these paper party lanterns and one of my favorite projects

creating this bird scene canvas art piece.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to make room for Parker in the former playroom. Since we are still in limbo on whether or not we are going to expand, I don't want to sell any furniture I may need on down the road so we've had to get creative and move a few pieces around. I painted Lily's cubby storage and moved it to Jacob's room and then moved a portion of the playroom storage wall unit into her room.

That left me needing a place for her lamp when I found this great piece at a local antique store. I'd been wanting to stencil the backboard but after several failed attempts on other furniture pieces I found a turquoise chevron contact paper at Marshall's and thought I'd give that a shot.

Cute huh? Decorative contact paper is such an easy and inexpensive way to update a piece of furniture. It's easily removable which is a good thing because part of me wants to paint the whole thing a Robin egg blue but I'm sitting tight for now.

Now that the lamp is in front of the curtains, it's too matchy, matchy since they are the same fabric. I added rickrack and flowers to embellish it but it's still to much pink polka dot in one spot so I'm trying to find another cute, low cost lamp shade idea.

One of the "tweaks" that I wasn't planning on was to go from this

to this

but we couldn't avoid it. A couple of weekends ago, Walt went out of town for an evening and Lily chose that day to climb/fall out of her crib forcing us to transition her into a toddler bed. I think we were in denial that this day would come (or preoccupied with an infant) because we were not prepared at all. The timing is not ideal because she wakes up several times a night which means even less sleep than we were getting with a 5/6 week old but what can you do?

What I find funny is I plan projects for a living but I had blinders on for this one. I've been tweaking her nursery when I should have been planning a toddler room. Have you ever finished a project just in time to start over again? By the way, let me know if you have suggestions for a lamp!?!


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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Good morning….looks good to me.  Sorry no ideas for your lamp at this time but I am sure you will hear from many of your blog followers.  They always tell me not to sweat the small stuff!!   Think you are both doing a great job handling all the changes in your life.  Birthdays, new baby, weddings out of town, school starting for Jacob, transition of rooms and furniture and your Blog….Take time for you….hugs..Sue

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