Celebrating Our Anniversary

I thought being off work would give us more time but our days fly by. We try to make the most of them but our time off is quickly escaping us. So much that we almost forgot about our wedding anniversary. We usually make big plans or buy big gifts but we were doing well just to remember it!

When we final realized it was approaching, we scrambled to develop a plan. We haven't been married long enough to not do anything (not that I would allow us to not do anything – I love a reason to celebrate). With Jacob in school, Lily adjusting to her toddler bed and switching daycares, and an 8 week old, we didn't think it was the best time to getaway. On top of that, Walt was scheduled for jury duty on our actual anniversary so we couldn't make definitive plans.

Instead we had a day date the day before. We took a road trip up the interstate of North Carolina to taste wine! Before now, I incorrectly assumed North Carolina was just about muscadine wine but our anniversary wine tasting trip proved me wrong! We stumbled on a couple of fabulous wineries, tasted about 20 wines we'd never had and bought several bottles to remember the occasion.

We were introduced to a few new varieties like Vignoier, Chambourcin, and Cabernet Franc. We sat and talked to the owners/ vintner (winemakers) of two different winieries (Stoney Knoll and Hutton) and learned alot about the winemaking process and their experience as business owners. It was quite a fun and memorable adventure.

Thankfully Walt wasn't needed for jury duty so the celebration continued on our actual wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a celebratory lunch while the two older children were in school/daycare. It was a sweet treat to have a glass of champagne during the day!

I gave up trying to get a good self portrait so this will have to do. We can't remember what we did for our last anniversary so I wanted to make sure to capture something from the two days.

Happy Anniversary Walt. I love you more today than yesterday, always have and always will! It's been a wonderful journey!

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