End of Summer

I’m behind on posting the things I want to talk about so I’m going to cram it all in this post. Hope you don’t mind all the randomness.

A couple of weeks ago, without giving it much thought, my husband suggested we take the kids to Disney World before school started and in my sleep deprived state of mind I responded “OK”. It’s not like me to be that spontaneous but it sounded fun and he told the kids and so we were committed. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about traveling with 3 children in a car that is approaching to small for our family for an 8-10 hour drive and that’s not accounting for stops every three hours to nurse. But sure, I’m up for a challenge.

Thanks for all the advice and suggestions you shared to help us prepare.

On the way down, Lily asked to see Cinderella’s (aka Cindabella) castle about 100 times as she watched Elmo endlessly. Good thing Jacob had his noise canceling headphones.

While I was optimistic and thought it would take us 8 hours, we arrived in 10.

We stayed in a spacious condo that was surprisingly nice. Lily spent 20 minutes running up and down the long hallway yelling but I couldn’t blame her for wanting to expend some energy after the long drive. We had a nice view of the nightly fireworks.

The next morning we took the kids to Magic Kingdom.

Lily was a little underwhelmed when she saw Cinderella’s castle because Cinderella wasn’t there and she wanted to go in. But thankfully, shortly after we arrived, the parade began and she got to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and more!

Our first ride was the merry go around. There wasn’t a line so Lily rode it a few times while Jacob grabbed a few fast passes for us.

Next up was a Small World, then onto a few other toddler friendly rides. I was actually quite surprised that I could take Parker on the rides. I’d expected to see on the sidelines the whole time.

{feeding Townes on It’s a Small World}

{spinning in the teacups}
Shortly after the toddler rides, we realized that the stroller had a flat. We already had our hands full because Lily was getting tired and wanted to be carried everywhere so we parked the stroller at the front and carried the kids the remainder of the day.

We ate lunch, it rained, we took cover. We met this great family from Greensboro, North Carolina while we were waiting out the rain. We even exchanged information with them. Then off to Space Mountain for Walt and Jacob while I tried to find a dry, cool spot for the two little ones.

We thought we’d leave the park around 3 or 4 but we ended up staying until almost 9. We ate dinner, saw the Dare to Dream Disney show,

{Lily is sad to see the show ending}
bought the kids souvenirs and then returned to the condo where Jacob passed out and Lily was still going strong. She is our little party animal. She would have stayed up longer than us if we let her.

To avoid the 10 hour drive back, we decided to split up the return trip and stop over in Jacksonville Beach.

Lily, who loved the water the year before, didn’t even want her toes to touch the sand. She enjoyed watching the waves crash but that was the extent of it. She wanted to be carried.

We enjoyed dinner with Jacob’s grandparents, we hit the sack early and then off to North Carolina the next morning. We wanted to get back early since Jacob was starting middle school the next day. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to visit more friends (Sue, Heather and Jacqui).

{Quiet ride as the kids slept for over an hour}

Jacob’s first day of school.

We celebrated our anniversary which you can read about here. And Lily celebrated her good friend’s Sloan 2nd birthday. It was Dora themed. Lily was so excited to wear her Dora dress – a dress she kept on all weekend!

And to end the summer fun with a bang, we went to a taping of the Daily Show with some great friends!!

{Waiting in line in the rain}

I hate to see the summer winding down but I feel we made the most of it. We had a baby, traveled to Texas for my brother’s wedding, celebrated Walt’s, Lily’s and Jacob’s birthday, celebrated our anniversary and took a last minute family vacation to Disney and the beach! Now, I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures!

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  1. Jane says:

    Disney World? You are so very brave. I'm still too scared to give that place a whirl! Can't wait to get together again … let's plan something soon.

  2. Sue Deege says:

    I am exhausted!!!  You both deserve some type of MEDAL.  Not sure what to call it …think of a NAME everyone!!  great photos and memories.  Happy you are enjoying life, each other and family.  Lily is now a big girl.  The baby is gone.  I was going to inquire about Parker…but are we calling him Townes?   Need more photos of him please.  AND where is that dog you keep talking about?   Such a great summer you all had.  Accomplished much and handled it all like champs.  Yes, when you mentioned Jacksonville….I said what?? she did not call me.   But I saw your note…thank you for thinking of me.   Hugs….Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sue, Parker is never going to know what his name is. I still call him Parker but for the most part it’s Baby Townes because that is what Lily knows him as so that is what she calls him. If I say Parker Townes she thinks I’m saying Harper Townes because she had a kid in her class Harper. I need to catch up on my baby photos and I do need to add Layla. She is recovering from surgery to repair her ACL tear so she is going stir crazy which is driving all of us crazy!

      Hugs, Angela

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