M&M Pretzel Peanut Butter Banana Pop

I thought I'd throw in a quick post today. I'm always looking for healthy snacks for kids. With three kids to manage, it's also important that it's quick and easy. I found a tasty a M&M peanut butter pretzel banana pop at the Sweet Spot that the kids love!

It's a great, fun afterschool snack! The combination of the banana, pretzel and peanut butter are just enough to tie the kids over until dinner and the M&Ms are always a nice treat! Jacob has even started preparing these himself.

Cut the banana in half and place it on a popsicle (craft) stick. Coat the top of the banana with peanut butter (almond butter or soy butter are also options) and roll or sprinkle the banana with a crushed pretzel and m&m mix. If the banana is super ripe/soft, I place the banana on a popsicle stick last because I've found that softer bananas may split. If you are looking for other healthy options, check out these cottage cheese pancakes featured on Savvy Southern Style and Macoroni Kid or this peanut butter banana smoothie featured on Serenity Now.

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