iPhone Photo Dump

My phone was approaching capacity to the extent my camera could not take any new pictures until I deleted some. I had 890 pictures and 53 videos dating back 3 months to the week Baby Townes was born. As I uploaded my photos to our computer hard drive, I couldn't help but "flip" through the photos. The photos included pictures from a few special events but for the most part they were just of everyday stuff. It’s hard to believe our little one is three months old and how much has happened in that brief time. It's interesting looking back at Parker's first days at the hospital and how much he has changed? He was pretty swollen from all the fluids. He had a very distinctive nose and chubby cheeks. During his first week home, he absorbed his surroundings, got to know his siblings, caught up on sleep, gained a pound and revisited the hospital (when his big brother had a skateboarding accident). During month one, amidst our trip to Texas, our little guy was smiling, laughing and developing many different expressions. He started to chew on his fingers and began to notice himself in mirrors. Still waking at 2 and 5 in the morning I had plenty of 1:1 time to capture photos. I probably took 100 pictures of just his toes! {I love baby feet!!} Lily really transitioned during this timeframe. She went from being our baby to being a big girl. She had her first mani-pedi. She moved to her toddler bed {which was tough! She'd get up and play, organize things, read books and change shoes 5-6 times. There were several mornings we would find her asleep at the threshold of her room with a pillow, her blanket and her beloved bunny}. She really developed her own style {she has a few key clothing items she picks to wear everyday and she's even gone out a couple of times with mismatched shoes – I love her confidence!}. She wants to do everything herself, she likes to pretend play {in one pic above she was going around the house pretending to pick up "Layla's stinky pop"}, she loves to "read" and she loves to take care of others.

She adores her big brother, she spends a good portion of his football game just trying to get his attention so he knows she is there and she is very protective of her baby brother. When strangers approach, she will walk up to them and say “that’s my baby sister” {she gets confused that he is her baby brother and she is his sister}.

Month 2 and 3 we tried to get back to our normal routines. There were been 5k races, football games, our disney and beach vacation and chilling. For those of you that ask what the kids do while I'm doing projects, there you have it. When I was decorating the mantel, they were all hanging out in our bed. We usually make it first thing in the morning but this was a lazy weekend day. What many people don't realize is our mantel was in our den which we converted to our bedroom. They were just keeping me and each other company.

How he has changed…

It's pretty obvious who tied up so much space on my phone but what can I say? He is my "baby" and he changing so much right now. I wish I could keep him small forever but he is just refusing to be the baby. At his 3 month milestone (almost to the day), he started rolling over and when we put him on the boppy pillow he lifts his head and tries so hard to sit up. I have a feeling he is going to want to be anything but babied. :(

Anyway, we survived our first 90 days with 3 children as Parker Townes joins our family! We’ve learned a full nights sleep is a luxury. We do our best to operate on what we get. Our house is a complete wreck (those who know me know I don't operate well in chaos), I'm that 'always running late' parent I swore I'd never be and words often escape me during business meetings but at the end of the day I get to go home to those sweet, adorable little kids who don't care about all that. Their little faces just light up when they see me as if I'm the only thing in the world that matters to them and how can you beat that!

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  1. melissa says:

    ahhh…such great photos!!! what good-looking kids!!! can't wait to see the kids next week in the Big Apple…warn jacob that he is going to be covered in kisses!!!!!!! love y'all!!!

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