Pretty Pumpkins and Pumpkin Patch

Remember the Fall bucket list I shared? I ended up making my version for fun.

While I haven’t been blogging as much since Baby Townes arrived, I’m still trying to juggle our family and work commitments, tackle our household goals and mix in some family fun. It’s a balancing act and I’m still tweaking the formula.

Yesterday we checked a couple of items off our list. We took the kids on a hayride to the pumpkin patch. I posted several pictures with a guest project at the end so don't leave! wink

Lily was terrified of the hay ride. She covered her ears and gripped daddy's arm tightly.

Lily enjoyed feeding the goats but would go no where near the cows. She would take the longest path possible to avoid them. While Jacob enjoyed the cows and took several pictures of them himself.

My favorite were the chickens. I loved their coloring.

Walt took a few great pictures of the scenery while Jacob informed us he want to live in the country.

What I love about Charlotte!

Everyone had a blast despite Lily crying the entire hay ride and when the cow would "MOO" loudly. We each got to pick out a pumpkin that we plan to decorate this weekend.

Speaking of pumpkins, my friend Jenell, who is so crafty, kindly shared her recent pumpkin project with us. Her neighborhood had a block party and she was in charge of the centerpieces. She made these festive pumpkin centerpieces and graciously shared step by step pictures!

Start by cutting the top off the pumpkin and scooping out the insides. She used a cup as a vase and cut off the excess, however, you could also use a soup or coffee can to hold the flowers and water. Then arrange the flowers in your "vase".

Aren't those adorable? And I like how she used vibrant flowers to contrast the typical fall colors!

Looking for other ideas? Check out these fun and festive pumpkins! 1. Add a welcome message/ 2. use washi tape to create plaid pattern/ 3. a mummy pumpkin/ 4. a decopauge pumpkin/ 5. leafy pumpkin/ 6. painted candy corn pumpkin

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have a Fall bucket list? What is your favorite Fall tradition?

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    What a great family outing….so colorful.  I love hay rides and miss my days in Indiana where I lived many years ago.   Great family photo.  Thanks for sharing.  Jacob and his ever enduring smile.  I hope he goes through life the same way.  Lily…that is a fancy purse you have on your arm.  You definitely listen to a different drummer.  Parker Townes is adorable and so happy.  The two of you look great considering your hectic schedule.   I wish I could do all the items listed on your bucket list.  The fall is my favorite time of the year and have had pumpkin bread from various sources.  Starbucks has a great pumpkin bread..uhmm!   I plan to stop by again tomorrow.   Angela, have you tried the Rice Krispy treats recipe yet?   That should be fun for Lily,,,,,have fun and enjoy…hugs…Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sue, I envy Jacob’s carefree spirit and Lily sense of style! I don’t think they get either of these qualities from me. It’s kind of sad that I have to plan fun activities but we have so much going on I think the leaves would fall off the tree and it would be snowing before I stopped to think about smelling the roses. By the way Starbucks also has a delicious pumpkin scone! I’ve even turned Lily onto it. And I’m glad you mentioned Rice Krispy treats. I completely forgot about those. I stopped and got one of the huge ones at Target after you recommended them and I had to take it away from Lily because she would have eaten the whole thing!

      Hope you are well and I miss you!

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