Halloween 2012

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! This year we went trick-or-treating with several of our close neighbors. There were 15 adults and 15 or so kids. It was crazy and fun! I spent the first half of the outing either trying to catch up (because as always we were running late) or trying to figure out a good setting for my new lens so I could take a half decent picture. So my pictures start mid-trip. {New lens is a 50mm -I like it!}

This Halloween Lily was excited about dressing up. She overheard a neighbor friend say she was going to be Ariel {from Little Mermaid}. That's Lily's favorite princess so when she learned that was an option there was no stopping her! Not only was she telling everyone she was going to be Ariel but she wanted the whole family to be Ariel too – it didn't happen.

I don't think she knew why she was dressing up but she was excited to see everyone in customes! Trick-or-treating, however, was a different story. Lily is at the age where she has stranger anxiety so walking up to stranger's homes is not something she is excited about. In fact, she was confused to see all the other kids doing it.  She was also one of the youngest trick-or-treaters in our bunch so we fell behind the crowd often.

Jacob decided to be a football player. He made it super easy because he wanted to wear his real football uniform (this is his first year in tackle football). With all the little kids, we stayed off the super busy streets so Jacob had a little more leeway to go to houses on his own (although he was always within sight). The only bad thing was my new lens doesn't zoom and he was usually to far to get pictures. At the end of the night, he voluntarily told us he had a good time!

Baby Townes is definitely a third child because he didn't have a real costume. We knew he wouldn't be going to the doors so I didn't want to spend {waste} money on a costume. Poor kid. However, it was a little chilly and he stayed bundled up the whole time sleeping so truth be told, I'm not sure anyone would have even noticed.

Walt and I took turns taking Lily to a house while the other stayed back with baby Townes. Walt and I enjoy trick-or-treating about as much as the kids. We usually dress up but this year was too crazy so I passed but Walt threw something together at the last minute. We'll just call him a hippy. Lily rides with our backyard neighbor, Tuck, giving mommy a repreive from carrying her between houses.

Oh yeah, and there were adult beverages to keep us warm, spiced sum cider.

We trick-or-treated about 2 hours before calling it a night. Look, finally someone in our family has hair as dark as mine!

Jacob was actually excited about going home so he could give out candy. He enjoys that probably as much as trick-or-treating. Lily is still new at this game. She wanted to give our visitors candy from her pumpkin. But oddly enough, she likes to share her things.

In between trick-or-treaters, Townes finally woke up so I snapped a few more pics. Jacob was off doing his homework. While I didn't get him a costume, I did buy a $3 skull and crossbones shirt. That's Halloweenish right? Lily loves her baby brother! She is becoming so protective of him. She freaked out when his cap covered his eyes because he couldn't see. By the way, he is not sitting up yet. I just propped him between the pillows. Of couse, you know Lily had to wear her costume to school the next day! 

Thank you neighbors for coordinating this fun outing!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    What a fun time and thankful you live in a neighborhood where you can still Trick or Treat safely.  I love the photos.  Such happy memories!!!   Tell Walt I think the hippy look becomes him…Lily definitely has a mind of her own and then some.  Jacob looks great in his football outfit and glad he had such a good time.  Little Parker Townes…..he is adorable!!  Your costume Angela was MOM!!   Thanks for sharing….hugs..Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sue, it was a lot of fun! And I'm thankful to have another year where Jacob enjoyed spending time with us. I also like your idea of dressing up as a Mom! It's great hearing from you!!






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