Last Minute Fall Craft – Argyle Yarn Wreath

I was quick to whip out the fall decorations at the first sign of fall. I made a burlap ruffle wreath, decorated our dining room and changed out our mantel décor in September and then I forgot about it. That was until a little bird nested in my wreath. The ruffles began to sag and shred so I finally took it down. I decided not to attempt another Fall wreath until my neighbor shared her argyle wreath idea and I was inspired!! I had all the materials on hand so why not give it a shot?

I'm thrifty l so this project reuses my fallen Fall ruffle wreath form. This straw wreath has been reused three times now. I used it for my spring wreath; my fall burlap ruffle wreath and now my fall wreath take 2.

I cut off the burlap that was wrapped around the straw wreath and then started wrapping it with yarn. The wreath is 18 inches in diameter and 5-6 inches in circumference so it took almost an entire thing of yarn to cover it. It also took a little longer than I expected (granted I multi-tasking but it took a couple of 1 hour tv shows) so I considered stopping here but then I decided it needed a little something else.  

I cut several felt squares. I intended to cut diamonds but they ended up being 2 inch squares. I used colors I had on hand that were fallish. I plan to reuse all my materials once thanksgiving was over so I didn’t glue anything down. I simply tucked string of yarn under a few other pieces in the back to make it stay (see below). I laid the different felt squares/diamonds in a pattern and then criss-crossed contrasting yarn across each piece. I went all one way first, then overlapped each square going back in the opposite direction. Once each square was secured by the criss-crossed yarn, I tucked the remaining string under other yarn in the back

I may end up swapping the orangish color for a light blue and reuse this wreath in late winter. You could use your favorite sports team colors or blue or pink for a baby shower. So many possibilities!! We also crossed 'play in a pile of leaves' off our Fall Bucket List. The kids (Townes excluded) buried themselves in leaves this weekend! Lily, in particular, had a blast! What a fun childhood memory!

photo courtesy Walt

What do you love about fall? Did you decorate this year?

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Yeah, I am finally able to make a comment. For some reason this portion was blocked in my internet options. I changed some options and closed out….now it works.

    I love your wreath. Looks great. Happy Thanksgiving…hugs….Sue

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