Fall Family Photos and Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving just came and went and I don't feel that I really had a chance to express my gratitude. More than anything I'm thankful for my family – my parents, my siblings, my husband, my children and friends!! They are the most important things to me and I try to make sure they know it but just in case…I love you guys!

It's been a tradition to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We'd start our Thanksgiving day with the Dallas Turkey Trot followed by indulging a big Thanksgiving meal with our family, significant others and grandkids! There can be anywhere between 15-20 of us so it's a fun little party. And of course the Cowboy game is a Texas family tradition. However, since we traveled home in July for my brother's wedding, and we recently traveled to NY (for the marathon that was canceled), we were staying put this turkey day. Instead, we did our first local Turkey trot, had lunch with Walt's family and I texted my brothers during the game.

Anyway, to support the theme of being thankful for my family, I thought I'd share our fall family photos! These arrived last week but we have been on the move (enjoying our time off work and trying to manage a high maintenance toddler) that I haven't been on the computer much. Without further adieu. I usually spend a lot of time coordinating our outfits but this time we just went with whatever everyone wanted to wear. Lily insisted on wearing her rainboots.

Lily was clingy to start. I was afraid that it wasn't going to go well but Jacob helped distract her and make it more about her just playing around versuses being photographed. This next photo is my favorite!!

The afghan we are sitting on is custom made. It is my inspiration piece for Parker Towne's nursery.

There were several great photos of Walt and Lily that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few to share. She definitely comandeers the camera.

I like the way the next shot turned out. Lily was just trying to put her hair bow in my hair when Chelsi took the picture.

Originally, I wanted the shoot to focus on baby Townes since he was a sweet 3 months old but it was a little too chilly (at 8 am in the morning) to not have him bundled up.

Jacob was off on his own climbing trees and being Jacob.

It is always a pleasure working with Chelsi Kristine Photography. I highly recommend her to any Charlotte friends.

The rest of the photos are ours from Thanksgiving (hence the over exposure and shadows).

Lily has really enjoyed playing in the leaves this year.

Walt, Townes and our 4th child Layla (she wouldn't look at the camera either).

Walt was trying to get the kids to look at the camera when Lily hugged my face with her hand. It was the sweetest! So I couldn't resist giving her smooches!! Lily is going through a jealousy thing right now. She loves to pull the baby block. When I'm going to get baby Townes she can be clear across the room but then she comes to sit in my lap or asks me to pick her up so I can't get the little guy. She loves him of course but she wants mommy to herself. I know this won't last forever so I'm trying to take it in. These last few photos capture Lily's growing imagination. She was "cooking" mac and cheese (in a coaster) but it was hot so she needed oven mitts (aka socks) to serve the dish. We missed Jacob this holiday. He was visiting family in Florida but has made it home safely!

I Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the next holiday! I hope to be back with a craft or two later this week but it's another busy week at work and Walt and I have a couple of evening activities as well. Finally – date night!!

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi..sorry my pc will not let me comment again…thought I had this resolved. These are adorable photos. Such beautiful scenes and smiles of everyone together. I actually had a chance to see Layla also. You do notice that you and Jacob are the only ones who look alike???? I love the pink on that sweet little girl. Her purse does match her shoes Mom…..so maybe she will start a new fashion trend!!! Hope you are also thankful for friends….not sure what I would do without them….thanks for sharing…hugs…Sue

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