November in Review – Football, NY Trip and Marathon

Several blogs will highlight their monthly blog posts at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month but I was a bit of a slacker with my November posts. Instead I'm playing catch up with all the family memories I need to capture for the kiddos and hubby to look back on one day!

First up, Jacob finished tackle football -thank goodness!!! He had a great first season but I had no idea what a commitment it would be. He had practice 3 nights a week and games on Saturday way the heck out in the middle of nowhere and he had to be there an hour before the game for his weigh in! It probably wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't just had a baby – lesson learned. Jacob played defense. He was the nose guard which is the position on the front line across from the guy that hikes the ball. As a parent of one of the smallest kids out there, it made me a little nervous but he got a lot of playing time! The week after football ended we traveled to New York for the long awaited New York City marathon. Walt qualified for this event in January of this year so we have been planning this trip for a while! Unfortunately it came on the heels of Hurricane Sandy. Our flight was canceled immediately, as LaGuardia was flooded by the storm, but the city insisted they were going to continue to have the marathon. We scrambled to find another flight to NY. We were taking the whole family and making a mini vacation out of it. In addition, Walt's parents were traveling with us and my sister was flying in from San Fran to meet us there.

Walt was following a lot of the forums online and we quickly realized the city was torn about the decision to proceed with the marathon as planned. He was actually a little hesitant about making the trip but since our flight was rebooked and we were meeting up with another fellow runner flying in from Chicago, we decided to continue on. {Grand Central Terminal}

Our flight was fine but traveling with a couple of young kids can be a little stressful and Walt was a little tense.Shortly after we checked into the hotel, we started hearing the rumor (and getting text) the marathon was canceled. While we were thinking 'no way they'd cancel at this point', it was quickly confirmed to be true. Needless to say, there were some inappropriate words we were disappointed but also frustrated by the timing. We rebooked our trip, spent big bucks traveling for the event to be canceled! If the city had only made the decision a couple of days earlier but instead they say 'the show must go on', wait until a good chunk of runners, friends and family make the trip, and then change their minds and cancel – ARGH! Oh well, what can you do. For a split second we considered turning around and going back to Charlotte because we knew the trip and sight seeing would be challenging with the young ones, but we decided to make the best of it.  

We toured Grand Central terminal, the Natural History Museum, Time Square, 5th Avenue and had NY pizza and delicious cookies on the upper east side (or maybe it was west side). Walt and his mother went up in the Rockefeller center but I stayed with the kids – not to mentioned I have a slight phobia of heights!

The kids loved the subway and the museum most! Doesn't the display below look so life like?

Overall the trip was fun! It was great being able to see my sister, our friends and to spend time with Walt's family. However, the trip has made me reconsider taking the kids to Boston?

To make sure Walt's months of training weren't wasted, he decided to run the local Thunder Road marathon, two weeks later. He was awesome!! It's a tough course and the crowd support is nothing near what we thought NY would be but he still managed to pull off a personal record.

Here he comes around mile 17.

There he goes…

Approaching the finish

Crossing the finish

He makes running 26.2 miles look easy!

He finished in 2 hours and 53 minutes (that's a 6:36 minute/mile pace!) and placed 9th overall (that's out of all the runners)!!  My sister in law joined me to cheer him and and I'm so thankful for that. She helped manage the camera while I managed the kids so we were able to capture him at a few different points in the race. It makes it more fun and it goes by much faster if we navigate the course and find a few places to meet up!

He placed 9th overall but 1st in his age group – Whoop, whoop!

My assistant photographer and sister in law, Amanda

And proof the baby was there. Although for all you know this is a random photo of him (but it's not).

Oh and Townes turned 4 months old. He is still not sleeping through the night although I'm confident it will happen soon {please, please, please}! I finally completed a project that was on my list since he was born. I wanted a way to capture each month that goes by until he turns 1 (that is the remaining months since I completed it 3 months late). Guess it's better late than never! Here is a sneak peak! I plan to post the project this week – hopefully before he turns 5 months on Thursday!

Finally, if you haven't already, be sure to enter the $50 William Sonoma gift card giveaway! The deadline to enter is Thursday, December 6.

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  1. Melissa says:

    in jacob's football sandwich photo, did you see that kid grabbing his jersey?! that can't be legal, right?! and congrats again to walt – he's come SUCH a long way in such a short time! it's crazy! love the photo of you ang, at the end of the marathon w/ walt and the kids. and parker is always such a cutie!!!!

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