Mrs. Smith’s Pie and William Sonoma Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all those who entered the Mrs. Smith’s Pie and William Sonoma giveaway! I appreciate your support!! I’m excited to share that, Crystal, who says she would try “Pumpkin Pie all the way!” and she “could use a new hand mixer” is the winner of a free Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Signature pie and a $50 gift card to William Sonoma.

Now that the giveaway is complete, I thought I’d share a few truth’s about the post.

Truth 1 – Remember this photo from the giveaway post? I received a couple compliments on how delicious it looked. Don’t get me wrong the pie was delicious!! However, the display didn’t turn out as planned. Our house smelled so good from the apple pie that I couldn’t wait the 1-2 hour cooling time so I prematurely cut into it (without taking a picture of the whole pie) and it fell apart. The apples were spilling out of it – oops! I started to stress out because it was a sponsored post and I didn’t have a picture of the pie yet so I improvised, hence the ramekin to help keep it together. I think it turned out better than if I used a plate but lesson learned follow the directions!

Truth 2 – you can’t have apple pie without ice cream right? Well, the only ice cream we had was cookies and cream so to improvise, I tried a trick I learned from working in the restaurant business in college. I used Crisco – that’s right. The photo that looked so tasty is actually apple pie and Crisco.

Truth 3 – Once I got the pictures of the cherry pie on the computer I realized they were all blurry. I went back to take more but Lily and Walt were already eating my display – hence the shots of the half eaten pie. What I found humorous is that the pie is on our nice Waterford wedding china but Walt was eating the pie with a toddler Cars fork. That’s real life baby!

So I guess you can say things don’t always go as planned and things aren’t always what they seem.

Congratulations Crystal! Thanks again everyone! And as Jacob has trained Lily to say “Peace Out”.

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