Family Christmas Craft – Handprint Christmas Tree

Last weekend we did a little Christmas decorating. One project I completed was a Pinterest inspiration and involved the whole family. It was a Christmas tree created by our family handprints.

To create this craft, we used a large canvas, green, brown and yellow paint and a paintbrush. It's not perfect but I love it because it's captures a moment in our family. Looking at the different size handprints makes me smile about where each of them is in life this year.

To start, I drew a trunk with a pencil. Then Walt stamped 4 handprints along the trunk line on the canvas. {You'll want to repaint your hand for each handprint.} Then I pressed 3 handprints overlapping Walt's fingertips. Next up was Jacob. He even cracked a smile so we knew it wasn't the "worst thing ever".

I had him place 3 handprints over mine.

Lily really enjoyed this project. After we washed her hands, she begged to put more handprints on it so I had her fill in a couple of gaps between Walt's and my handprints. And then we resorted to a spare piece of paper.

As for Townes, that was a bit of a challenge. It required both of us so no pictures this time. As soon as I painted Townes' hand he clenched into a fist so I had to pry his hand open and then try to keep it open while placing it on the canvas. The first was just a smeared mess (hence the blob on the top right). The second was acceptable and we left it at two handprints for him.

Lastly, I drew a star using a pencil and then painted in the star and the trunk. Now, I just need to add the year!

What do you think? Did you do a family craft or do you have family traditions to share?

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