2012 Holiday Recap!

Hi there! It’s the first chance I’ve had at the computer since the holidays! We returned to work this week and it’s made the holidays seem like they were forever ago. I wanted to write about them before they become a distant memory :)

We usually celebrate Christmas a few different times with various versions of our family. We started this year with an early Christmas at my husband’s parents house.

DSC_0527 the kiddos with aunt Amanda

DSC_0403 Lily was actually very excited about this Christmas. She still doesn’t really know who Santa is. We were going to take her to visit him but she ended up with a fever that day and 4 days following so it didn’t work out. As a result she was asking every Santa picture or figurine for a purple bicycle and a purple helmet. She even asked a dish towel that had Santa embroidered on it. It was cute to see her so naive. DSC_0517 Jacob on the other hand is at that age where we aren’t sure if he believes. We had a big gift mishap occur (a certain gift that was supposed to be in one of those brown Amazon boxes was delivered unwrapped so you could see it’s packaging) and it would have been a lot easier if we just knew what he thought but instead we (that means Walt) scrambled on Christmas Eve to find the perfect last minute (secret) gift. DSC_0478


DSC_0492 For the most part Lily sleeps in until 7:30-8. Even though she is in a toddler bed, she usually waits for us to greet her at the door before she gets up. Sometimes she will even hide under her covers when she hears us approaching. But on Christmas morning, I’m pretty sure her brother had his hand in getting her up. He knew we couldn’t open gifts until Lily was up so we weren’t surprised to see him in the video monitor when we heard whispers coming from her room.

Lily and Jacob waking up to see what Santa delivered… DSC_0575

DSC_0577 Lily sees her new bike. DSC_0587 Jacob and his gift from Santa. DSC_0604 Townes enjoying his favorite part of unwrapping gifts. He had a Santa gift and a gift from us and that seemed like more than enough. DSC_0623 but he also really enjoys practicing driving DSC_0635

DSC_0589 Lily, by far, had the most gifts. I wrapped stuff I would have given her anyway like books and puzzles. It may have been a mistake because it took forever for her to unwrap all her gifts. She wanted to take each out and play with it as we went along.

Walt and I first thing in the morning – pre-coffee (or makeup) :) DSC_0607 My favorite gift from Walt was the Silhouette Cameo. I sent several obvious hints that I wanted it and I’m so happy he listened!! I can’t wait to use it!! His favorite gift was a really rare, tasty beer that we were lucky to get. DSC_0271 It is brewed by monks in Brussels and usually not available in the states, however, they needed to make repairs to their Abby so they released a very limited supply on 12.12.12 and it sold out within an hour.

Our travels were short as we drove a little over an hour to Winston Salem to visit with Walt’s grandmothers.We sure missed Bob, his Nana’s husband, and his stories as he passed away earlier this year.

We had a nice extended vacation for the holidays so it worked out well when my parents phoned to tell us they were in Louisiana and wanted to give us a heads up they were coming to visit us. We had a great time but I’m bummed that I didn’t take any pictures! (So unlike me).

We had a low key New Year’s Eve. DSC_0804-001 I wasn’t ready to leave the little guy overnight (not to mention we had been pretty busy the days before and after Christmas). We rung in the new year with a quiet but fun evening at home drinking a pricey bottle of champagne, streaming the Phish concert from Madison Square Garden (my husband’s favorite band) and playing board games. DSC_0777

Jacob was out of town for New Years hence why he isn’t in those photos.

A special thanks to those you sent us cards. We genuinely appreciate you thinking of us.


the Christmas card tree is from Pottery Barn (no longer available)

What fun things did you do over the holiday? Oh, and I think I finally fixed the problem with the comments box (hint, hint).

Happy New Year!! I’ll be back to share New Years goals and start tackling some DIY projects soon!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    ahhh….looks like a lovely holiday! btw, the photo in front of the tree is wonderful – the tree looks amazing! big hug/kiss to the kiddos!

  2. Carolina says:

    I love the pic of Jacob carrying Lily into the living room to open gifts and Townes eating the Christmas paper. The tree does look great, so sad we didnt get to see you guys this year!

  3. Sue Deege says:

    Yeah….now I can really COMMENT..thanks. What adorable photos. You should put them in a book and share your Christmas experiences. A nice keepsake for your children in the years to come!!
    Lily’s hair is really growing long and she looks like a big girl now Parker is so sweet and how lucky he is…Jacob still has that wonderful smile!! You and Walt look great in spite of your challenges. Happy you had such a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve together….thank you for sharing your life with me…..hugs…Sue

    • guyerfamily says:

      Sue, I sure missed your comments! I’m so glad you can comment again! My goal for 2013 is to create a few photo books to capture these memories and share with the kids. How was your birthday?!?!

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