My Two Simple 2013 Goals

January is a month of new beginnings and with it comes a desire to set some goals and make some changes. Whether it’s eating healthier, becoming more active, losing weight, learning a new skill and the list goes on and on. And then if you are like me you look back at the end of the year and you’ve forgotten what your goal was which means you most likely didn’t meet it.

Last year I set some simple personal and home goals that I thought were realistic. I purposely limited my list. Even then, I’d give myself a D or maybe a generous C minus on accomplishing my goals.

Let’s review….

I’ll start with my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

#1 Get Organized – I’d say this is about a B.  Let me grab my camera so we can do a tour together. I was mortified when our architect asked for a floorplan and our closet was filled to my height (5’2″) in junk just thrown in there. We couldn’t find a thing it was such a wreck! I’m talking cram stuff in and hurry up and shut the door before it pops out like a jack in the box toy! That weekend I bought a cheap plastic shelving unit for 14.99 and some bins and organized it so we could at least see the floor. It still needs work but now we have a place to store the ladders, vacuum cleaner and our coats. I also added a pantry organizer for my craft supplies.


We organized Lily’s shoes. {Yes, I know she has too many shoes!! She has more than her brothers and dad combined!}


The 15 shoe cubby was mine and was acting as a TV stand in our room. (similar)


I helped Jacob organize his room. I’m waiting for his room to be somewhat clean so I can post an update {this could take a while}. Until then, you can see the latest updates in a guest post over at The Weekend Homemaker.


We used these storage ottomans to conceal the kids toys in the living room. {looks like they have taken quite a beating}

#2 Stay Active – I’d say I kind of sort of did this but not really. I was kind of sort of working out through the pregnancy but I’ve been to the gym only twice since the little guy was born (and he is now 6 months old).

#3 Improve My Cooking- this is another one that has taken the back seat since Parker Townes was born. With nursing, we wouldn’t eat until 8 or 9 o’clock if it were left to me so Walt has stepped in and is doing most of the cooking post-baby. But I’ve kept up with my baking – does that count? You can find several of my baking recipes on the Recipes tab.

# 4 Put holes in the wall. Check! I created a frame gallery week one! 


here is another one in our entry way…


I also hung several shelves including this kitchen window shelf and scroll


and this one in the kitchen corner DSC_0855

and check out this beauty DSC_0831

It was supposed to go in baby Townes’ room but it has found a home in our living room! (Thank you Britt!)

#5 Document More Stories and Print More Pictures – this is another C- or D+. I’m so behind on printing any pictures. There are tons of photos that would make me smile if they found a place in our home but I just haven’t gotten around to printing them. Although I did make this photo collage…

family collage framed …and I increased the number of family post to help me capture the memories!

Now onto our home goals for the year.

#1 Stop making excuses! This is a big fat F!


#2 Take care of business. This is only 50% complete. We had a leak that sounded like the waterfall in the baby’s bedroom so we had no choice but to get the roof fixed!! Ugh! Now we need to insulate!

#3 Focus on one room at a time. This lasted about a week. I seriously must have decorating A.D.D because I can not stay focused on one thing at a time!! However, while I didn’t complete a single room, I did make progress on a couple. I already talked about Jacob’s room but here are the shelves Walt put up in the office.


And the shelves we put up in the dining room for our dry bar area (which is missing the actually bar)


#4 Take it outdoors. We intended to get a swing set for the kids but the summer got away from us. However, we did move the shed from across the yard to make room for it. Hopefully we will get a swing set before they outgrow it!


The swing set is a higher priority than the new shed so that didn’t happen either. Also on the list was adding railing to our front porch, but since we were considering renovating so we put our front porch on hold indefinitely.


Now back to the present time.

As I reviewed my list on New Year’s day, I considered just repeating all the same ones but that seems like I’m just setting myself up for failure. Instead I decided I would keep it simple {for real this time}.

I decided to adopt a word for the year. Over the last week while I was really thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year, one word kept coming up over and over again and it was..


Intentional is defined as done with intention or on purpose; intended; deliberate.

I strive to live with intention this year.

  • To be intentional about what I bring into the house (to help minimize clutter),
  • To be intentional about our commitments (so we can dedicate ourselves to the activities we chose and not spread ourselves to thin),
  • To be intentional about our diet and lifestyle (which will require a little forethought and planning).

The second goal is to…

1-8-2013 2-09-01 PM

I want to appreciate and enjoy the here and now! I fully expect to still plan for the future but I want to cherish each day, to live life for the moment because the recent Sandy Hook incident reminds me that everything else is uncertain.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain — Anonymous

I find myself telling Walt that I’d be happier when our house is organized, or when we do ‘xyz’ while instead I should find the happiness in what we have today! I have a feeling it’s easier said than done but I plan to jot a note of what I’m thankful at least once a week.

What are you new year’s goals? Are you on the right track or have you already fallen off the wagon?

Also for anyone that feels your house needs isn’t working for you anymore, here is a read from Houzz that inspired me – 6 Ways to Rethink Your House.

Wishing you the best!

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  1. britt says:

    Love the deer! I am trying to only buy stuff that I absolutely love. Usually I buy something because its on sale or its good enough but I’m trying to put an end to that.

  2. Crystal says:

    I’d say you get an A+ for last year! Keeping up with a house, blog, tween, toddler, new baby and Walt sounds like a job for SuperWoman. But I know what you mean – there is always some project that is gnawing at me that I wish were done sooner rather than later. For today, I’d just settle for a clean house!

  3. Sue Deege says:

    Not to worry. You are doing great and I give you an A+++. In fact, I admire what you and Walt have accomplished over the last few years. When I discover you have been on a trip with two litte ones and survived….I am in awe!! I hesitate to venture across town these days because of the crazy people out there on the expressway. I love the photos which tell a story of your family. Stay with that project. Your HOME is lived in….. not one of those that looks like it is prepared for a magazine cover or something. I have a friend who has everything in place ALL the time but does she really enjoy life the way you guys do? I think not. LIVE IN THE MOMENT…..I really like that moto!! Oh Lily….the fashion shoe girl….good for you. Walt you are super stepping in and helping out all the time. Kudos to you!!! Have a great January….anxious to see your next blog…hugs…Sue

  4. guyerfamily says:

    Thanks Ladies!! You are too sweet! I know we are “supposed” to be good role models for our children, but I could really learn a lot from them. They are all about living in the moment!!

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