Family Update – 5 and 6 Months Old

I’m playing catch up. Townes turned 6 months a couple of weeks ago and I still haven’t published his 5 month update so I’m combining them in hopes to get back on track for his 7 month celebration. {I can’t believe he has been with us for 6 ½ month already- it’s going by way to fast.}

A little about our little guy at 5 months…DSC_0699

He started sitting up couple days before his 5 month milestone DSC_0682

DSC_0696 which led to sitting up on the tub too DSC_0749 He started eating baby foods. He had the natural reflex reaction with confused and funny faces to the cereal (non of which I captured clearly) but we took to the veggies and fruits quite well! DSC_0633 He is still not sleeping through the night. He wakes between 2-4 in the morning to nurse then back to bed until 6 or so. DSC_0666

He LOVES to bounce!! If you hold him upright he goes crazy bouncing up and down and he loves his jumperoo!

January is the half birthday month for all the kids.

Our little 6 month old…. DSC_0082 Pulls up on his knees and rocks (no, I’m not ready for that!) DSC_0068

DSC_0057 Started exercising his vocal cords with different sounds including an ear piercing shriek of excitement (no!!! we already have a little girl that does this we don’t need two loud ones) DSC_0037-001 transitioned to his own room DSC_0032 still not sleeping through the night (thank goodness for coffee!!!!)

DSC_1117-003 he loves to grab the spoon and feed himself when he eats DSC_1108 Loves to rub his feet together in a really fast motion which the daycare providers refer to as his “cricket” move DSC_0976

He also started expressing his opinions like crying when we take something away that he wants.

He still loves to bounce but he is starting to move his feet in a walking motion if you hold him upright

And for the rest of our family??? lily and jacob running

Lily is starting to potty train. She continues to have quite the independent and determined personality. She loves to have her hair in braids or pig tails, tights and tutus are her everyday attire, she is a speed demon on her bike, she has adamantly changed her name to “Princess” and I frequently hear “uh-oh, I woke up baby Townes” as she smothers him with hugs and kisses or with the sound of her stomping through the house in my high heels. Her favorite books are an Elmo counting book where she can recite the first 3 pages verbatim and a Curious George book where she questions everything he does.

Jacob is starting to speak a language we don’t understand. He says “like a boss”, “that’s swag”, “like a boss with swag” and a bunch of other stuff that really doesn’t make sense but is labeled “cool”. He is on Instagram and has over 5 times the followers I have (desperate plea to follow me so I can be cool here). He is the most creative person I know when it comes to trying to get out of homework and chores. He eats more than the rest of the family combined so we think he’s going to hit a growth spurt soon. He is thriving on his basketball team and hit the game winning shot in his last game.

Now hopefully I can get back on schedule! Click here to see how to make the blocks used to show the monthly age.

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  1. Carolina says:

    Oh wow, hate that we don’t get to see the everyday changes with these little rugrats of yours, but love reading about them and seeing the pictures. Lily sounds like she is pretty entertaining, and it looks like Jacob inherited the Lopez sports gene. Parker had the most adorable smile!

    • guyerfamily says:

      We miss you Nina! Lily definitely adds a dramatic flair to our family dynamic, Jacob’s games are becoming more exciting with each year and when the whole family is having a bad day it’s hard to stay mad when you see Parker’s smile. Love you!

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